Nov 25th, 2010


Tomorrow is the day to unleash your shopping beast. Whether you plan to get up at the crack of dawn and brave your local mall for early bird deals or if you fancy yourself clever and want to try to sneak in later in the day and track down sales, you may not realize how much your Android phone can help you. Your everyday shopping apps could become your best friend this Black Friday, so let’s take a look at a few of the ones you won’t want to leave home without.

christmas shopper proChristmas Shopper Pro

Before you even leave the house, you may want to spend your lazy Thanksgiving evening hours getting together your shopping list, and what better way to do it than with Christmas Shopper Pro. Import friends and family from your contact list, add gifts to each name, sort and organize said gifts — it will do a great deal to take the hassle out of tracking down the perfect present for every one. Check off gifts as you purchase them and watch what you are spending with built-in budgeting. It even lets you store info like clothing and shoe sizes. If you want to develop an attack plan for Black Friday (and nowadays you need one) you won’t want to miss Christmas Shopper Pro.

blackfridayappBlack Friday App

For the latest compilation of Black Friday deals and sales, the suitably named Black Friday App from Dealnews is a must have. Browse ads, save them to a shopping list, and locate sale items in nearby stores. There is built-in functionality to share your favorite finds to your social networking outlets (or keep them to yourself to avoid ruining holiday surprises). And for those who’d rather not even journey out of the home in fear of being trampled by a stamped of holiday shoppers, you can even purchase deals right from the app.

googshopperGoogle Shopper

Google Shopper isn’t only a Black Friday godsend, but a year-round way to save on purchases and locate deals on everyday purchases. Using barcode scanning and Google Goggles technology to search for items such as books, movies, and CDs by cover art, you can compare the price of the item in your hand to the same item online and in nearby stores. Find reviews, specifications, and other relevant information and share them with friends and family. You won’t have the regret of walking into a store and seeing the item you just bought at an even better price.

discountcalculatorDiscount Calculator

In the head rush that is holiday shopping, who has time to do any sort of math to figure out how much an item costs? For stores that prefer to lay out a percentage off items rather than simply dropping the price tag,  Discount Calculator allows you to figure out the price of a sale item, including tax. Now you will now just how much you will actually need to spend on the $99 jacket marked down 30 percent. See the final price and the amount you have saved to help feel better about purchases.


ShopSavvy brings a lot of the same functionality as Google Shopper, but it is still worth taking a look at on your quest to find the best holiday deals. Find items by barcode to bring up online and local prices, reviews, images, and more information than you probably need to decide on a purchase. In addition, save items and set alerts to tip you off when an item falls below a certain price.

couponsappThe Coupons App

Another app that should get use year-round but will also help you track down even more deal on Black Friday, the Coupons App lets you search for print and online coupons, save the ones you wants, and present them directly on your phone for in-stor scanning. Like many of the others on this list, the Coupons App is keyed into social networking so you can share your fabulous deals with everyone and let them know just how much you are saving.