DISH Remote Access App Brings ‘TV Everywhere’ to Android Courtesy of DISH Network and Sling


When it comes to the combination of Android and television, DISH network has been at the top of their game compared to other service providers. While Comcast’s Xfinity Remote app just hit iOS and won’t make it to Android until early next year, DISH has been busy as the only television provider to offer complete compatibility with Google TV, and they may have just one-upped even that. The latest Android addition from DISH comes in the form of the Sling-powered DISH Remote Access app.


The app allows you to watch your live TV and recorded DVR on your Android handset where ever you may be. You will need a Sling-ready DISH box or adaptor, of course, and the app is said to work best on devices featuring larger (4.3-inch) screens (though it has been run successfully on smaller). Full press release below.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., Nov. 18, 2010 — DISH Network L.L.C. today became the first pay-TV provider in America to introduce a true TV Everywhere™ offering, giving DISH Network subscribers the ability to watch all of their live and recorded television programs on compatible smartphones, tablets and laptops. DISH Network subscribers can access these features when they download and use the DISH Remote Access application in concert with their broadband-connected, Sling®-enabled receiver.



“DISH Network is proud to be the first pay-TV provider to bring our customers the ability to enjoy their TV anywhere, anytime on a variety of popular devices,” said DISH Network Chief Marketing Officer Ira Bahr. “Unlike mobile viewing from cable and telcos that limit access to select programs, our TV Everywhere services give consumers 24 x 7 access to all of the live and recorded content included with their DISH Network programming subscription.”

Introducing Sling Adapter

To enjoy the live viewing capability of DISH Remote Access, consumers need to be DISH Network subscribers and have a Sling-enabled device such as the newly-released Sling Adapter™ – a small placeshifting device that pairs with DISH Network’s ViP® 722 or 722k HD DVRs. With a Sling Adapter, customers can then view their high-definition or standard-definition DISH Network programming, including live and recorded shows, on compatible mobile devices or laptops. The award-winning Sling Adapter is powered and operated through a USB connection, offering an easy, plug-and-play set-up without the need for any other wires or connectors. The Sling Adapter is available for $99 to new and current DISH Network customers.

The DISH Remote Access app is free.

Mobile Applications, Available Today

The DISH Remote Access app provides the following features:

Enjoy live TV programming from all subscribed channels,
View all DVR recordings,
Manage recordings and delete shows,
Use a mobile device as a remote control.
DISH Remote Access is powered by SlingPlayer Mobile™ technology for support of 3G and WiFi-enabled phones, laptops or tablets, including the following devices:

iPhone® & iPod touch®: Watch your TV on your iPhone’s Retina display. You can download the app now through the iTunes Store®.
iPad™ (TV viewing coming soon on iOS 4.2): Catch your favorite TV shows, live and in HD, on the iPad’s crystal-clear 9.7 inch screen. The DISH Remote Access app is currently available through the iTunes Store and will soon be updated to provide full-screen TV viewing for the iPad.
Android™: DISH Network offers full support for the fastest-growing smartphone OS in the world. DISH Remote Access for Android devices is available for 4.3-inch display smartphones and tablets, and can be downloaded through the Android Market using your device.
Windows® & Mac® Computers: DISH Remote Access allows high-definition TV viewing on Windows and Mac systems. DISH Network subscribers can log in to DISH Remote Access at DISH Network’s website to use the service.
BlackBerry®: DISH Remote Access means your BlackBerry is no longer just for business, unless your business is watching your TV anywhere and anytime. The beta app is available for Bold (Models 9700 & 9000) and Curve (Models 8520 & 8900) through the TV Everywhere section on DISH Network’s website.
DISH Network will continue to expand its menu of compatible devices.

For more information about the Sling Adapter, DISH Remote Access and other DISH Network TV Everywhere products, visit

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  1. I cannot wait for Comcast to get this going and Samsung to make a 4.3″+ screen. Watching TV on SAMOLED will just be sick.

  2. No hurry Comcast. No reason to actually compete with all of the other telivision providers…

  3. Can’t wait till my contract is up with cable vision.

  4. WOOT! I have been waiting so freaking long for this! Sounds like Comcast better pick it up, but Dish, considering their interaction with SLING and GOOGLETV seems like they should have had an Android App a long time ago. I guess I can stop calling their CS and demanding an Android app!

    The app is pretty sweet and very easy to use, I don’t have a SLING dongle for my 722k so not sure about the live watch feature. As far as management goes its much faster than their web interface through Chrome or Firefox.

    Thanks Kevin/Phandroid for posting this story otherwise, I’d probably continue to piss and moan about there being no app for Dish!

  5. Lol!!! I have Comcast, and they are going down like a slow lumbering dinosaur. They are dead before they even hit the ground…..

  6. Works pretty well for managing the DVR. I do get a lot of errors trying to delete recorded programs (only works about 1 out of every 5 attempts), but otherwise works smoothly on my G2, and much faster than the web interface. Does anyone know if the Sling adapter works with the older ViP622 DVRs, or is this a question I have to ask customer service?

  7. I’ll never forget the day I climbed up on my roof and cut the Comcast line to my house. I’ve had three TV providers since and I’m always looking to switch but I will never go back to Comcast on principal alone.

  8. Dish chargers you a monthly sling fee. Lame. Just buy a standalone box and pay no monthly fee. Quality is better too with more frequent firmware updates.

  9. The Sling Adapter only works with the VIP 722 or 722k : receivers. The Sling Adapter has a one time cost of $99 and there is no extra charges for this service.

  10. Ha ha…what do all you baby hand people have too say bad about the 4.3 inch screens now?

  11. Steve Jobs says no one wants a 4.3 inch screen. hahahahahahaha

  12. Hey this is Zach Schultz and I work for DISH Network. The Sling Adapter is an awesome device, but I just wanted to clear up some confusion, Andrew is correct there is no fee to be able to use the Sling service. I’ve got to mess around with a couple here at DISH and I can’t wait to get my own.

  13. I would like to watch tv. on my phone

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