Android 2.2.1 Leaked for Rooted DROID X Users


Remember that leaked image of a DROID X running 2.2.1 that we assumed could be faked, but figured it wasn’t? Well, it wasn’t, and My Droid World has released a fully working ROM of the build for all (rooted users) to download, flash, and enjoy. Remember, everything you do to your phone is your own responsibility. There is no SBF for this version of Android on the DROID X yet, so if anything goes wrong, or if you try to use an SBF for an older build, you’re going to be out of a phone (at least for the time being.) Be sure to carefully follow all instructions down to each letter if you do try it. Instructions and the necessary files can be had at MDW. (We opt to link to instructions wherever possible in case they change in the future.)


[via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. 1st

  2. Can you do this with the bloatware still deleted or does it have to be stock? I never updated to froyo because i never went back to stock
    Thanks in advance

  3. Ive seen many sites declaring that 2.2.1 is out for the Droid X and there are a few stating that they have a system SBF but not a “full” SBF. So I’m staying away for a little while, but nobody is saying any changes that they have found yet. Anyone flashed this successfully and found anything extra instead of “X doesnt work and Y works half ass.”

  4. Does this update do anything besides increase the risk/number of bricked phones?

  5. ohhhh yeah!!

  6. not risking it on a rom I know nothing about

  7. Please don’t risk it unless you’re prepared to brick without an sbf recovery safety net.

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