Nov 20th, 2010

If you were guys were ever kind enough to lob me a softball in a series of questions and ask “Tyler, what is the speed of the processor in the original DROID 2?”, I might play along for a second and pretend that you asked me a doozy of a question, think hard and respond “1GHz, Sir”. Up until yesterday I don’t think anyone would question my answer.

Droid Life just got tipped off to an interesting advertisement on Verizon’s website which claims that it is 1.2GHz. Don’t believe me? Here’s an SS that Droid Life nabbed:

It’s entirely feasible that Motorola or Verizon would have reduced the clock on purpose until adequate testing could be done to prove that 1.2GHz is safe to unleash and issue some sort of update to up the clock speeds after the fact. Possible, but unlikely. Chances are it’s a typo and one that may be fixed in the coming hours/days.

To see the advertisement for your self, head over to Verizon’s site, after the introduction has finished mouse over the Droid 2.

[via Droid Life]

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