DROID 2 Has 1.2 GHz Processor?


If you were guys were ever kind enough to lob me a softball in a series of questions and ask “Tyler, what is the speed of the processor in the original DROID 2?”, I might play along for a second and pretend that you asked me a doozy of a question, think hard and respond “1GHz, Sir”. Up until yesterday I don’t think anyone would question my answer.

Droid Life just got tipped off to an interesting advertisement on Verizon’s website which claims that it is 1.2GHz. Don’t believe me? Here’s an SS that Droid Life nabbed:

It’s entirely feasible that Motorola or Verizon would have reduced the clock on purpose until adequate testing could be done to prove that 1.2GHz is safe to unleash and issue some sort of update to up the clock speeds after the fact. Possible, but unlikely. Chances are it’s a typo and one that may be fixed in the coming hours/days.

To see the advertisement for your self, head over to Verizon’s site, after the introduction has finished mouse over the Droid 2.

[via Droid Life]

Tyler Miller

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  1. The Motorola rep came in my store and told us the Droid 2 Global had a 1.2ghz but the original Droid 2 had just the 1.0ghz. just a note

  2. not a typo, it has been known to have a 1.2 ghz chip for a while. I dont know why phandroid didnt know this where every other tech website does.

  3. Duhhhhh… thats the Global. See the other bubble that says Global capacity… what a slip up Tyler. However your always on the ball with other stuff… so well let this one slide.

  4. it isnt a typo…they stopped selling the original droid 2 and replaced it with the same specs as the global version. i remember hearing of this when best buy stopped selling the original droid 2 and verizon was trying to get rid of them

  5. All I see is a misplace of advertising. There is no exciting news that maybe the droid 2 has a stock 1.2 ghz processor. All that happened here was some guy was careless and put those text bubbles on the wrong droid 2.

  6. I’m not thinking it’s the Global version. The Global is on the right hand side. Also, if it were the Global, are you saying that I can either buy one for $200 or BOGO for $150?

  7. This is such OLD news.

  8. it says global capabilities the droid 2 isnt a world phone it was meant for the d2 global

  9. My guess is that someone at VZW either confused the D2 and the D2G, or assumed that since the D2G has a 1.2 GHz processor, the D2 does as well. There is no reason the D2 couldn’t be clocked @ 1.2GHz, my D2 runs at 1.35GHz everyday all day with zero issues. Moto, I’ve noticed, likes to underclock processors. A prime example is the Droid 1; underclocked to a laughable 550MHz. I am guessing that Moto severely underclocked it for battery issues, but much more for the fact that they already had faster devices in the works, so a D1 running at, say 1GHz out-of-the-box would seriously reduce the impact of the D2/DX when they were released. If they already had a 1GHz phone and released a “successor” with the only difference being more memory, or just 20% faster clock speed (1GHz-1.2GHz), the newer high-end Moto devices wouldn’t have the “wow-factor” as they did by jumping from 550-1000MHz.
    I ran my D1 @ 1.25GHz all the time,day and night, and I had no overheating issues, or a significant change in battery life. I’ve said before that an ota patch should be pushed out to bring the D2 up to 1.2GHz. I understand that there are always going to be new and faster products, who would have it any other way? However, when you release a product, and 2 months later, you release a new one with the same name, same price,only with an additional GSM chip and a 20% increase in clock-speed AND significantly reduce the price on the D2 and start running buy one get any specials to run out existing stock, that’s a real dick move on VZWs part. No, they shouldn’t replace D2s with D2Gs, they can, and should, however, send out a patch bringing the D2 up to 1.2GHz.
    Just my seven cents worth. Personally, it makes little difference to me, as my D2 was a replacement for a string of refurb D1s with issues. That, and the fact that I’m rooted and OCed anyway.

  10. lol i saw this on a commercial from verizon like 2 weeks ago. but its cool some may have not known.

  11. The fact that we’re even talking about overclocking our phones boggles my mind. You’d kill for 1 GHz in your PC a few years ago, and now that you can stuff that same power in your pocket people complain that it’s still not enough (and in fairness, my 500 MHz Behold 2 is dog slow).

    I don’t think we’ll be satisfied until we’ve got fusion reactor powered phones. And even then, they better be 4G capable and have Super AMOLED screens.

  12. Pretty soon they will be dual core 1.2Ghz followed by dual 1.5Ghz so nothing to get excited about until we see that IMHO.

  13. Well, I didn’t know that and the replies are interesting and educaed. I kind of like the fact that this website actually admits confusion on a topic and has the audacity to discuss things like cpu clock speeds rather then random fanboyism like engadget or gimodo would

  14. Considering the Global has the same little blurbs, I’m guessing someone at VZW screwed up.

  15. Why on earth did they release a Droid 2, Droid 2 R2D2 Edition, Droid 2 Global Edition all within 6 months of each other? Why not just create the Droid 2 Global Edition and call it a day? I bet there are people pissed at having purchased a Droid 2 only to have a Droid 2 Global Edition released so soon after their purchase. I hope Motorola doesn’t turn into RIM with minute pointless changes between devices…..

  16. I’m overclocking mine to 1.21 Gigawatts, uh Hertz

  17. It’s the global edition that has a 1.2 ghz processor. This news was released with the arrival of the R2D2 Edition. I always assumed the new Droid Globals, coming out after the R2D2, would also be 1.2 ghz.

  18. When you decide to buy one, the next revision changes everything one more time. I’m desperate.

  19. A large group of Droid 1s are overclockable to 1.2 ghz with good stability, including my own. I have no doubt that Droid 2 could reach 1.2 ghz on the stock processor without a problem.

  20. How do you check the speed your d2 is running?

  21. Blah blah blah, who cares about 1Ghz v. 1.2Ghz, the Droid still cannot VPN to an IPsec firewall at any speed which makes it useless in an enterprise environment. I loathe Apple and depise the iPhone and the pukes who preach it’s wonders, but in this case the iPhone kicks Androids a$$. VPN over PPTP or L2TP is great 1990’s technology, when is Android going to catch up? After a year on Droid and now Droid 2, I give up, I have to have this capability so goodbye Verizon and Android, hello yeeeech iPhone/AT&T.

    gag me.

  22. @WTTF – maybe your phones broken? all the android phones I’ve messed with have had the option to connect to VPN through PPTP or IPSec right in the settings.

    I don’t use it, but I know it’s there.

  23. Can anyone tell me if they have gotten to work vpn pptp with encryption enabled to work? this is a must have feature for our company. So far, I’ve tested htc incredible, X running android 2.2 and no luck. Apparently, there is a work around by replacing pppd file from older Androids (1.6 or lower I think). Can anyone post this file somewhere so I can download it and install it. I like the phone but.. it’s very unfortunate that vpn pptp with encryption enabled does not work.

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