Verizon Streaming NFL Content Free this Weekend Only



If you’ve watched any football this year you can’t escape mention that Verizon is the exclusive mobile partner of the league, and while their NFL Mobile app is free for all on the carrier, the streaming video inside it costs extra. But not this weekend. You can catch all the pigskin action right on you fancy Android smartphone for free during a preview weekend event. Live streams of Sunday Night Football and the awesome NFL RedZone right at your fingertips.

We should say it won’t be completely free. If you don’t carry an unlimited data option, be prepared to cough up some bandwidth and probably some extra cash too.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Nice. I know what I am doing at work :-)

  2. ive had it free since it first came out i dont know why everyone else gets charged im on a D1

  3. @droid I’m with you. Either I get to watch Thurs/Sun games and the Red Zone for free or I’ve missed it on my bill.

  4. Same here. I never paid for it and I watch every weekend for free…

  5. It’s part of the Vcast video bundle. Do you “it’s free” guys pay for that already?

  6. Directtv app is so much better, and yes its free!!! Every single game right on my EVO. AWESOME!!

  7. I’m with su2lly. Either it’s been free or I’ve missed it on my bill. I have a D2 and no Vcast.

    The video quality is pretty amazing too.

  8. I watched last nights game on my Fascinate and was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the video streamed over 3G. It’s not something I would pay an extra 10 dollars a month for, but I’ll definitely be taking advantage of a free game or two this weekend.

  9. I just looked into the “NFL Sunday Ticket” app on the Market (Directtv’s version) and while the app itself is free, it says that “NFL Sunday Ticket-to-Go subscription” is required. So I’m not sure how you’re getting it free swazedahustla.

  10. @Sara

    Probably because im a direct tv customer and I get the NFL ticket at my house.

  11. That makes sense, thanks for clarifying.

  12. Folks who downloaded the nfl mobile app when it first came out and have not deleted it will still get free video as vcastwas not around yet.most likely the folks saying they are not paying for it, this would be the case….bad part is if you are like me and hard boot your phone (needed a do over) vcast is required and sorry only 2 game options is not worth an extra10 bucks on an already over priced phone bill.

  13. Also if you have sunday ticket you are paying more than 10 a month for the app…

  14. I downloaded it when it first came out and have been enjoying it for free. I love the RedZone !!!!


    I have done a hard boot and not lost the ability to access live video for free.

  15. I have a D1 and have had video all season and haven’t paid for it.

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