Test Release of TweetDeck 1.0.3 Now Available



You won’t find it in the Android Market, but a test release of the latest version of TweetDeck is now available for download. The new version brings in quite a few refinements, including support for Twitpic, Facebook Single Sign On Support, and new landscape views. The full list:

  • Landscape mode for all update detail views
  • Added support for Twitpic
  • Manual shortening
  • Allow for dismissing Places notification
  • Fix faving tweets on 3g in France
  • Allow old style RTs for protected users
  • Support FB Single Sign On
  • Allow users to delete DMs that are sent to them
  • Likes and comments on FB photos should stay in app
  • Several bug fixes and performance improvements

Just sideload the app on to your device and you will be ready to go. Download at the link below.

Download: TweetDeck 1.0.3

[via TweetDeck]

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  1. Those who tweet are Gay’er than Justin Bieber.

  2. @Handsdown: Lamest. Comment. Ever. I just told your mom to ground your ass.

  3. I always thought that Twitter was dumb until I realized I could use it to get info on sports and android news. Now I use it every day. And I love TweetDeck, best way to see Facebook and Twitter in one place!

  4. I’ve been using it for a few days and its pretty stable and fast =-)

  5. @Eric: I too didn’t know what Twitter was good for. Now I use it as a better search engine than Google when it comes to real time local news and views. Google can’t touch it.

  6. I’ll see if I can try this out. Tweetdeck crashes a lot on my Vibrant so I almost avoid it like the plague but I love it when its consistent.

    Funny thing is…Twitter is faster than any news outlet that you have. I found out Michael Jackson had died from Twitter and joked that it was faster than the internet.

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