Nexus One Hit With Another OTA


And she isn’t Gingerbread. This 1.3MB update file moves a stock Nexus One from FRG83 all the way up to FRG83D. There is nary a hint of anything related to holiday cookies as this updates focuses on patches and updates.

  • Updates to the core and framework JARs
  • Updates to the Dalvik VM and Webcore libraries
  • Updates to the Email, Google Services Framework and Market packages.
  • A couple of other very minor patches

Why, oh why, does Google feel the need to tease the world with the next iteration of Android? I understand that this wasn’t their intention; but, come on. It’s like giving us those fake lottery tickets for our birthday.

If you’re one of the types who just can’t bloody wait your turn in line for the OTA you can head over to XDA and get yours OTW.

[via Into Mobile | Android Central]

Tyler Miller

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  1. Kinda makes me excited about the Nexus S and its potential updates… sad its on tmo though..

  2. i just got the update

  3. Give us a release date for gingerbread already GOOGLE!

  4. This hit the MyTouch 3G back on Monday :p

  5. I got the update earlier n was not having a good. This shiT made my day for the moment then I found out it was not gingerbread it was back to having a shitty day

  6. I’ve got this update this morning, after rebooting for the 2nd part, I can’t install (Android logo with an exclamanation mark). Rebooted and phone not updated. No longer have the system update!. I have to try as I am having Market download unsuccessful problem!.

  7. So what happens to rage against the cage?

  8. What is gingerbread update about?

  9. I’m so jealous of the updates and support the nexus phones will be getting. My next android will definitely be a nexus phone unless wp7 adds some more features. I would be lucky to get froyo on my captivate by the end of the year and the nexus is guaranteed gingerbread in a few weeks.

  10. Nexus S is all that I say. Come on and be released already!

  11. Nexus S is disappointing.

  12. Nexus S will PWN all… Dual core google badassery.

  13. Downloaded the update manually, had to un-install and reload Swype, and upgrade Super One Click (Rageagainstthecage exploit) to v1.5.5 to achieved root again. May need to run S.O.C. a couple of times to get it working though.

  14. I can’t wait for the Nexus S either. I am ready to move on to a new phone. Damn the new Nexus will OWN.

  15. Is there an way to still get swype on the nexus one?

  16. I noticed that the market now says update all with only one app to update; I always wanted that.

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  18. I scouted for a time for a good content articles too!
    Obvious SPAM is obvious…

  19. Why is it that when a new handset is just about to be released; Comments on news have nothing to do with the article.
    This news report is nothing to do with the Nexus S, why go off topic?
    Do any of you think that these “Minor changes” to Dalvik and “other core JARs” are anything to do with Oracle & Google’s ongoing law suit?

  20. @Yamthief

    I was just thinking about that…

  21. Anyone noticed that the device feels a bit smoother and a bit faster in opening and closing apps.
    I also noticed that they fixed one bug in the browser

  22. The Question is will it blend?

  23. I wonder if this update has anything to do with the downtime on the developer console maybe

  24. Mine is still at FRG83.

    Howerver, the Android Market app has been updated recently on my phone to 2.12.

  25. @Mightytalldude

    So you were able to regain root using SOC 1.5.5 without much trouble?

  26. Killed Swype for me, too. Had to do the uninstall/re-install dance Swype Beta users should all be accustomed to by now. Hey, Swype, just how long IS this going to be Beta on the Nexus One?

  27. My nexus one still doesn’t have It… Does it have something to do with how it is unlocked with no carrier?

  28. Finally got this update. Had me all excited thinking it’s Gingerbread. Ugh.

    I dont think it has changed anything from my (users) perspective. Probably internal engine tweeks to make it ready for Gingerbread or something.

    Though now Im having issues downloading apps. WTF. Just rebooted. Hopefully that fixes it.

  29. I finally got this, too, and it doesn’t seem to have changed anything obvious. Had to uninstall and reinstall Swype, though, as I’ve had to do with every minor update (totally worth it, of course).

  30. anyone else having problems with the Browser after this update??? As soon as the page is fully loaded it forcecloses back to the main screen…


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