Acer Liquid E Gets Android 2.2 Upgrade


Acer Canada’s just released Android 2.2 for their Acer Liquid E on a couple of carriers – Rogers and Fido – in Canada. Your average Joe will probably have to stop into a local location to get their upgrade applied, but you won’t have to wait for an OTA upgrade as this is an old-fashioned download, transfer, and install process. Head on over to Acer Canada for the goods. [via AC]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wow my Vibrant is almost in last place now.

  2. Well it’s great to see that someone is using proper grammar.

  3. Well I did the 2.2 Android upgrade to my Rogers Liqiid E and now I cannot get Bluetooth to turn on – so frustrating……

  4. Rogers Liquid E, other than the Wifi Hotspot and 10.1 flash I have no idea how this upgrade has imprved my phone. If anything it is probably slower than before

  5. lucky…! my poor captivate

  6. @Pimp Strong


    just saying lol

  7. I’m TRYING to use the official 2.2 cuz I’m not into the ROMs. My phone runs fine without the Lag Fix and it’s not buggy. I just want JIT and Flash already.

  8. I upgraded mine and its great. Improved battery life, improved touch, just over much more snappier

  9. Froyo is amazingly cool on liquid E but when are we getting 2.3?

  10. Hi guys. need help tried to upgrade to 2.2 on my acer liduid e but cant i have downloaded all the required files and copied them in the memory card and then when it ask to hold volume + cam button and press on/off key nothing works and actually cant even turn it back on, anyone have a solution (besides changing phones lol) ???

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  14. The Acer site doesn’t have any sort of DL link for the 2.2, and it still hasn’t come through in my auto updates.. wtf?

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