WinAmp for Android Update Coming Along Nicely, Will Have SHOUTcast


The folks at WinAmp promised it’d be coming, and come it shall: the latest update to the WinAmp update will give you the ability to to tune in to over 44,000 SHOUTcast radio stations once the update goes live. When that’ll happen? There’s no word on that yet, but DownloadSquad – a sister site of NullSoft – has given us a nice preview of what to expect. I’ve included one screen here, but be sure to pop over there for more.

For this alpha build, Nullsoft has focused onSHOUTcast integration. The implementation is still a little rough around the edges, but it works — it worksreally well. You can browse the top stations, and browse by genre or search term. Click a station to listen to it, or push-and-hold to add it to your favourites for easy access in the future. Presumably, if you listen to one station enough, it might be automatically added to your favorites, too. Rounding up the changes, there’s ‘My recent stations’, which is exactly what it sounds like.


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  1. Please give me an EQ…Pretty please?

  2. they need to add an automatic fetching album cover feature!

  3. Rick James +1

  4. Gapless playback is all that i care about.

  5. Can’t wait! I hate having to switch to the music player when nothing is on the radio (using Xiia Lite to stream).

  6. Shoutcast in Winamp? Sweet! RadioTime is on it’s way out!

  7. I just wish it could see the internal storage on my Droid Incredible. Sticking with Poweramp unless that changes.

  8. Please please PLEASE allow users to Prev/Next through favorite stations from the widget. I can find only ONE streaming app that has this feature (Retro Radio) but it manages the streams rather poorly. The Dev spends more time working on widget customization than streaming. I’m hopeful that WinAmp will consider people who stream Shoutcast while driving and add this feature. The fact that the Prev/Next buttons are grayed out in the screenshot above is disappointing to think it may not be on the radar.

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