T-Mobile Not Getting Rid of Even More Plus, Just Won’t Offer it Online


Those of you worried that T-Mobile was dumping their Even More Plus tier – which allows customers to buy phones outright and pay for them on a month to month basis without signing a contract – won’t have to worry much longer: they’ve just updated everyone on the situation with an official Q8A session. The skinny? If you want Even More Plus, head into a T-Mobile store. We can only imagine they did this to help rid customers of confusion who buy products online and don’t quite “get” the difference between the two.


By forcing a customer to walk into a retail store, T-Mobile can ensure that they’re brought up to speed with what the unique package offers so they aren’t surprised when they see that extra $20 on their bills every month. So this isn’t really a bad thing. Unless you’re lazy and just don’t want to go to a T-Mobile store. Then yea, it’s a bad thing. [via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I thought the Even More Plus plans were $20 *cheaper* … so I don’t understand the “extra $20” you’re referring to in the last paragraph.
    What am I missing?

  2. What extra $20? I have Even More Plus for family. I have the $ for the plan and then $25 for the Android data plan.

  3. The extra $20 being the monthly installment on top of the plan. Most likely people were confused seeing that their monhtly bills were the same on the cheaper Even More Plus plans. This doesn’t apply to those who already have a phone, of course.

  4. Thank god lol, T-Mobile has the cheapest data plans x).

  5. I’m guessing that was a reference to buying a phone at actual price and adding $20 on the monthly bill until you pay it off.

  6. Damn, late by like five seconds!

  7. even more plus is cheaper… not extra

  8. This doesn’t make sense. The people most likely to get even more plus are NOT the ones going into the store.
    The most informed people are the ones most likely to get their own unlocked phones, not ones that need to be hand held through the process.

    Sounds to me like this is just the first step to eventually killing it all together.

  9. @Alok I know. Please read through the comments for my explanation.

  10. I still sucks for me the closes tmobile is 2 hours away from me can you still get the evem more plus over the phone

  11. This sounds more like an attempt to force people who don’t want to be on contract to buy the phone directly from T-Mobile (instead of E-Bay or whatever).

  12. read my name,thats what i did when i saw this!!

  13. You can still sign up for Even More Plus over phone or through an Indirect. Likely, they did this to stop frustration with nimrods that sign up online, thinking they have a contract & when trying to get an upgrade 6 months later, get ticked or cancel when they havta again, pay full price for a phone. Idiots. EMP is smartest way to go on TMO & Equipment Installment Plan is optional, not mandatory

  14. I always tell people with t-mobile to not renew their contracts and to just get the non-contract even more plans and just pay for the phone outright. At $20 per month you’ve paid off your phone subsidy after 18 months for most phones and so you’re just giving t-mobile an extra $120 by the end of your 2 year contract by way of that extra $20 a month.

  15. Also, TMO does not care if you buy a phone from them. They sell service & make nothing on phones. They wanna give you a SIM, not a phone.

  16. Even more plus is bs. You are stuck with it for life and cant switch back to a contract plan (in case you want good deals on phones like the 2 for 1 galaxy)

  17. What a relief coz I was going to f*** sum1 up at tmobile cz I just paid my bill yesterday!
    The only thing EM+ customers need is a discount on phones, like at least $90 off for those who are loyal or for those who have two or more lines. Lemmi kno if u disagree!

  18. T-mobile’s plan are just getting worse and worse. They took away my faves and now are just creating bs plans. If I ever lose my grandfathered plan I will be leaving carriers for sure.

  19. I’m guessing this has been done, but could someone compile a table that reflects how the plans work, and the actual cost over time? Or perhaps a link to something like this? I’m sorta thinking about converting my Family Plan to the even more Plus.

  20. Phone companies, like all companies that sell service on a monthly basis (banks, insurance companies, health clubs, etc.) design their “plans” to be confusing on purpose. The more confusing the plans, the less likely a customer is able to figure out what they actually need or want; the more likely the phone company is to profit by bilking their customers. It’s just about impossible to make apples to apples comparisons between plans by various carriers any more.

  21. they’ve changed and will now let you change back to a contracted even more plan if you’ve moved to an even more plus plan

  22. You guys need to pay attention to your equip installment plans also because they changed the credit requirements also within the last week. I paid my bill on time and even paid off the equip balance early and now they tell me i’m not eligible for equip installment plan anymore. So its either go back on contract or drop $500 all at once.

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