ScanLife Barcode Reader Updates for Added Holiday Shopping Power



What ScanBuy has done for their ScanLife barcode application in their most recent update brings together several functions that have been available as separate applications into one package, a concept that will probably turn a lot of users onto the app. Three key enhancements have been added: local prices, digital coupons, and nutritional information. All of the services piggy-back off of existing web entities to gather their data and should add a deeper level of use to ScanLife.

Local prices via let users scan a product to find nearby availability and pricing so you know you are always getting the best deal. If that deal just isn’t good enough, digital coupons from lets you grab money saving offers. Slightly less related to the way you buy but equally as important in making shopping decisions (when it comes to food) is the addition of nutrition info from the Food Essentials database.

Most of these processes have been available as functions of non-scanner-centric applications, but now they can live together peacefully under the guise of a single barcode scanner.

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  1. is this better than barcode scanner and google shopper?

  2. @loc it should have more features than those now. It looks pretty helpful.

  3. Looks promising,I’m always looking for an app to replace one that’s more bloated. Will try this instead of shopsavvy and see how it does.

  4. Does anyone know if this a better scanning app then “Barcode Scanner” by Zxing Team? The scanner I have does a decent job, but I’m not sure if it’s better than this one or covers all the formats this one does.

  5. I want a scanner that does not need so much permission,
    why would they need my fine GPS?

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