PhanCast 27: Live at 2:30PM EST


Hope your hungry, because a heaping serving of Android is on the way as we stir up the stew that is PhanCast #27. Join us live at 2:30PM EST as Dave Demarest, Rob Jackson, and Kevin Krause run down this week in Android happenings. Nexus S spottings, Gingerbread happenings, and upcoming market tweaks will all be on the docket, but if you know anything about the Phandroid podcast, you know the discussion could go anywhere.

You can tune in below or head over to our BlogTalkRadio page to listen in and join the live chat. Old episodes will play until the new show kicks off later this afternoon. See you then!

Kevin Krause
Pretty soon you'll know a lot about Kevin because his biography will actually be filled in!

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  1. hi,! can u tell us about when is froyo coming to captivate??? exact date please.! and is it worthy to return my captivate to at&t and get an iPhone 4?

  2. @jk Only Samsung and AT&T can give you that answer because most likely they have it already. Also from an iOS4 and Android users point of view its better to wait and see if the Nexus S is coming to AT&T then to get an iPhone 4, besides its the wrong time of the year to get an iphone.

  3. Also yes a Nexus device is what you want if updates matter to you because I have had Froyo since May on my Nexus One.

  4. It’s 2:30…where is the Podcast??

  5. @jdog25 thanks for answering, yeah i’ve heard about nexus s too,but i don’t think the nexus s will be out before my 30 days trial is up:( yeahh update really matters to me, coz i always want the latest software for my device. my trial ends on 23rd :{

  6. why episode 24? not 27?

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