Samsung Nexus S to Feature Unique Curved Display?



Ever since we first heard a hands-on description of the Samsung Nexus S talk of it being rather curvy has been floating around. Concave back, tapered sides, the phone is definitely going for a sleek look. Now comes a rumor that the phone will use a curved display, an idea that Samsung has been floating to developers for apparently some time now. Sprint initially bit on the display technology that Sammy claimed improved perceived usability, but was told they wouldn’t be able to meet demand with the current supply of components. Could it be because the stock has been committed to the Nexus S? Seems very possible.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Wasn’t this mentioned in the first Nexus S article on this site?

  2. I’m not sure I follow Samsung’s logic about “improved perceived usability” for a curved screen… Maybe I’m missing something though…

  3. maybe on a movie screen. on a 4″ screen, you’re not going to gain anything noticeable from it. and it’ll feel weird in you pocket…

  4. Well. in theory it would fit the curve of most peoples faces while talking on it if that if what the mean. It would also fit in your hands better with a slightly cured back battery cover

  5. we can’t make any fair judgements about this until we finally get to see how well it works. as for not making a difference on a 4″ screen? none of know whether it’ll make a noticable difference or not, it’s something none of us have experienced. as for the phone in general, i have high hopes for this phone. samsung makes amazing hardware and their screens, phone and tv both are amazing. their weak point is in the software, and with google handling that part of this phone, it seems to be a match made in heaven!

  6. Here’s what Samsung’s probably thinking:

    To get the best view on a display, it should be directly facing your eyeball. On a flat display, the middle of the display faces your eyeball (if you hold it normally), but the top of the display is more inline with your forehead and the bottom with your nose (for a moderately sized screen). So the idea is, if you curve the display slightly, even the top/bottom of the display face your eyeball.

    Personally, I think this is an interesting idea, but am not totally convinced that the benefits will be that perceivable. Like joedon3 said, it’s a small screen, so the benefit seems small at best. But hey, as long as it doesn’t HURT the readability of the screen, I say let ’em try it out.

  7. Again with this concave backside!!! Hmmm can’t wait to turn my phone into a teeter totter when I lay it down for use on a flat surface. It looks dumb, and it’s not functional. Lets double our losses. I believe this phone will fly, but please a frickin concave backside?

  8. a curved screen would coincide with the ‘crt’ effect when turning the device off.

  9. I think the concave screen would help in touch use. Think about the reach of your thumb as it moves across the screen. There’s an arc to the motion that could be complemented by the curved screen. Thinking about that, my interest is piqued.

  10. Well if its curved a certain way, it might make it easier to stand up to watch video sans back leg like the evo…

    who knows..

  11. I still cannot believe Eric Schmidt thought he was so clever by taping over the manufacturer! He unlocked the device by the side, something only Samsung has done. Anyways, this looks interesting… I mean it sounds weird, but it might be extremely handy, I just hope you don’t notice the screen being curved of sorts.

  12. goodness, i just wanna freaking see the specs on this thing to see if its worth buying over the g2 or the mytouch 4g

  13. Is it an AMOLED screen or Super AMOLED?

  14. My iPhone has a fantastic flat retina display. A curved display probably means its broken! Cheers No7

  15. In the G2 and Vibrant forums on XDA people are complaining of text messages from TMO telling them to buy the tethering option.
    And then 30 seconds later tethering is blocked.



    Several werent even tethering, just downloading large files or movies and were blocked.

    I was going to pick up a G2 on Craigslist (got a Nexus now) to play around with but now I dont know.

    No reports of tether blocking on a Nexus yet, so I may wait for the next Google phone.


  16. I think the next big evolution in these devices will be “transformation”, I really miss the “flip” form factor and can’t wait for more dynamic, transformable devices. I think this “curve” is a good start and would love to see what a device like that would feel like in my hands. I “think” it would feel great but maybe only if it fit my hand just right?

    These current phones we are using (my EVO 4G included) just feel awkward and bulky. I have a feeling we will look back on these the same way we do today as with the old brick mobile phone + battery packs.

    The future is awesome and the future is open!

  17. Unique? Curved display is available in Acer Liquid Metal.

  18. SUPER Amoled to those who are asking. The real questions to ask nowadays are SUPER Smoled or Super Amoled 2! its quite clear samsung is done with regular amoled.

  19. Stop calling it a samsung nexus s it is a Google Nexus S just how the nexus 1 was also a Google nexus 1

  20. @ Michael Dogfight Vick – Are you kidding me? Super Amoled on the regular Samsung Galaxy S phones kills Retina Display, especially in sunlight. You can’t tell the difference in pixel count until you hold the things two inches away from you nose, which no one does in real life. And the colors and brightness of Samsung Screens are noticeably better than the iPhone 4’s sad screen technology. It’s a difference you can tell from 10 ft. Throw in sunlight, and you generally can’t even read the iPhone’s screen without cupping your hand over it.

    Jobs made a good call with heightening the pixel count. But the actual screen technology is too dated to be a serious competitor anymore.

  21. I hope the screen will be usable in full sunlight. Although glossy lcds have much intense colors, they are sometimes completely worthless because of environment reflections.

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