Analyst: Galaxy Tab Productions Halved Due to Slow Start



While Samsung is bent on world domination in the mobile device market, early reports are that its Galaxy Tab isn’t quite living up to sales expectations. The Galaxy S phone’s worldwide release and carrier-blind marketing strategy may have helped the device reach high shipments, but the same can’t be said for the Tab. Ashok Kumar of Rodman & Redshaw is saying that Samsung has cut the production of the device in half.

Overall Kumar is predicting tablet sales in general will falter as consumers opt for inexpensive laptops or smartphones. I get the feeling this may be true. While many rush to ride the wave created by the iPad, once the novelty of the device wears off will consumers really be all that interested in tablets?

[via SamsungHub]

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  1. I would… at a proper price point of like 300 bucks not 650 like att is doing. There just isn’t enough hardware there to make me want to spend on a tab that has less than netbook specs.

  2. Yep, wrong price point. Samsung don’t have Apples strong brand and they are selling a smaller tablet for almost the same money. Doomed to fail unless they knock the price down a lot.

  3. In fact I actually went out and looked, 1.8ghz eee pc with 1 gb ram, and 10.1 inch screen for 350. With a 250gb hard drive. I mean I would love to -have- a galaxy tab, but I would rather get a cheaper netbook and just load android on it. 300 dollar touch screen? no thanks, and I say the same to the iPad.

  4. Duh… like no one saw this coming? Come out with a wifi-only version for less than $500 and watch sales take off.

  5. Its the price that stops me from getting one. I’m eyeing the Nook Color as a tablet because of the price point but a netbook with Gnome, Android or Meego on it sounds just as enticing

  6. The price is the problem.

    You get other comparable 10″ tablets for 299€

    Granted, they do not have phone capability, and no Android Market.

    Android Market you can get by installing one package, Market4Archos.apk.

    Phone I don’t need anyway.

  7. I agree. I would like to have this device, but I’m unwilling to pay this much for it. For the same money, I can get a full-featured netbook for work and play. The Tab is mostly play.

  8. The device needs hardware acceleration. Some of the menu’s are still a little slow and flash really is particularly taxing. I might have kept it if the phone portion of the device worked, but that was a carrier decision in the US. That plus the dual core tablets are not far off means the Tab has a short window to be successful and at $600+ dollars I don’t think that will happen.

  9. I would have picked one up if they didn’t gimp it by taking out the phone functionality. I wanted to have a all in one device.

    Thanks ATT, Sprint, TMobile, Verizon. Everywhere else in the world the phone functionality is intact. Also it’s $100 too expensive.

  10. Saw that coming…
    Personally I’m waiting on the tablets with Gingerbread or greater and better specs (Tegra2 next year?) before I drop that kinda cash. Especially considering Google stated the current iterations of Android are not for the tablet format.

  11. They didn’t advertise the Tab. They advertise the Galaxy S.

  12. Maybe if I could make phone calls with it like everyone else in the world…

  13. Well, “they” would be the carriers, all of whom are probably more invested in selling phones and have for years done whats best for them, not the customer even when it makes no sense.

  14. Samsung said they would price the Galaxy Tab competitively. The world told Samsung the indicative pricing was too much and they’d fail. Samsung ignored the world and stuck to its indicative pricing, and failed…

  15. nice tab but price is too much with too many other options coming

  16. I don’t think it’s the novely of tablets wearing off. The Tab just isn’t good enough. Period.

    Maybe once a suitable Android OS for tablets gets out there, and there’s hopefully some developer support, something like this (but better) will be viable.

    Until then, iPad is the only game in town.

  17. Galaxy tab is a very nice device, i happen to have got my hands on one and would have bought instantly bought it but the price tag is still not reasonable

  18. $239 – Utopia Apad iMX515 8 inch Android 2.2 Tablet Freescale ARM Cortex A8

    Google “Android Tablet” you’ll find many others at just as good of a price point. Samsung and Verizon have their heads where the sun doesn’t shine when it comes to marketing an Android Tablet. What a shame.

  19. Way too expensive.

  20. Too much for too little and too soon! Way to go Samsung…we all know you’re slow to update. Now Moto will release there Tablets and smash yours in sales. When will you learn!

    Listen to your customer base!!!!!!!!!

  21. As soon as the prices were announced I think most of us could foresee the Tab not being a huge seller. Its funny sometimes how obvious something is to the average person that seemingly escapes multi-billion dollar mega corp executives.

  22. One of the other things that is hurting Samsung, in my opinion, is that they are not advertising the tab at all. Has any one seen a TV spot for this? I have seen a Magazine ad, but lets me honest, Verizon is running ads for the iPad while they are selling the Tab?

    If Samsung put out a decent ad campaign these might have better sales.

  23. way too expensive. Especially for the first gen model, people dont like first gen. 2nd gen tabs with dual core cpu’s will be out in less than a year and less buggy. Samsung will have to lower price big time to get people to buy in or they wont sell many.

  24. I’ll buy an Android tablet in 3-4 months with better specs at half the price.

    No need to be bleeding edge when there is a two-year carrier contract…

  25. Too damn expensive. /product

  26. That’s what they get for trying to take advantage of early adopters of Android tablets.

  27. Expensive……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..and can’t call in the US.

  28. I don’t think it’s so much the price, but how close to Christmas it is. A lot of people are waiting for Christmas sales to hit. I didn’t though, picked one up today and loving it tremendously. Beautiful device.

  29. Keep making them….I intend to buy one…before turkey time!!! gimme a chance!

  30. As soon as the price drops to 300 I will pick it up.

  31. What´s DOA?

  32. LOL FAILed device sales.

  33. It has nothin to do with inexpensives options, its the fact that they already outed the next version of the Tab which is gonna have a Super amoled screen. Also the fact that all of the big players (HTC, Motorola, etc) are all bringing out Android 3.0 tablets in less than 2 months which are gonna be way better for obvious reasons. Maybe if they hadnt “leaked” next generation info before the first generation went on sale then they could have had a chance to sell

  34. Sorry samsung but the tab isnt to the ipad what the droid was to the iphone IE a challenge this was more like a sidekick – Samsung Robin is a better name

  35. Lousy cam specs……Nice device but needs calling features..
    Any word on the verizon Iphones???

  36. Price (for what they are) is too high on these new slates. I would gladly pay upwards of $1000 for a slate that ran a full version of Windows 7, had both capacitive touch for on screen typing and active digitizer for writing/drawing, and essentially did everything my old tablet PC did in a smaller package.

    I already have an Evo with a 4.3″ screen. I already have a notebook for running most of my software when out and about. I already have a desktop for higher end work and gaming. I don’t need a larger version of my Evo for $600 and another bill attached.

    Since there is no room between the Evo and the notebook and I can’t replace my cell phone with a tablet, the only place I can fit one into my lineup is if it can replace my notebook.

    HP Slate is a step in the right direction but it’s got flaws. Hopefully in another year as my Thinkpad starts to really show its age, I can replace it with a slate-style tablet PC with both capacitive and active digi. Until then I just can’t justify that kind of cash for something that will probably just sit on my desk most of the time.

  37. I belive samsung is. Jus selling the tab at a high price because that it is honestly the closest thing to the ipad but let’s see there prices next year when the big dogs roll out there tablets

  38. Just bought the wife an iPad 2 weeks ago for her Birthday. We were thinking about waiting until the Galaxy tabs came out but once we compared the iPad to an 7in (I think it was a Sony E-Reader on display) the size difference was really noticeable.

    When a decent 10in Android tab comes out I’ll be the first in line. But IMO the price point and size is a deal breaker. Maybe if they offered the Galaxy 7in for $400 and then a future 10in for their current price people would be more inclined to purchase this.

    For now I’m waiting for a 10in…

  39. Bottom line this thing is just to expensive !!! there is NO way I would even consider buying this for that amount of money . The veiwsonic 7 and 10 inch android 2.2 tablets are far better priced ( $200-$300 cheaper) and they have the same if not better specs as the overated and overpriced galaxy tab

  40. 1. Proprietary connector
    2. No internal media space

    $100 less across the board or mega-fail is the Galaxy Tab fate.

  41. WiFi only and $299 I’d get one for sure. $599? no thanks! Sure, you can get it for $399 with cell contract, but I don’t want a stupid cell contract, which is why I’m with T-Mobile. I also don’t need 3G coverage, WiFi is just fine. Poor sales will force Samsung to listen to us. Too bad they didn’t do the WiFi version first for $299, I would have got one for my daughter for Christmas (her iTouch was stolen).

  42. Duh.

    All the reasons listed above. If the device was $100, had a regular USB port, and an SD card slot… MAYBE I’d buy one. Not one second before those 3 features get added though. LOL

  43. Stupid Sammy, they are not selling becaue of the price you’ve set to sell them at. I would’ve picked 2 had the price been right. Oh Sammy, you are so stupid.

  44. lower the price!!!

  45. I love these comments. Wifi only for $299. Really? The cheapest Ipod touch sells at $229 and you want a 7 inch tab for $299 with equal build quality.

    Yes they are too expensive but I think only by $100. I think if they drop it by $100 and enable the original voice features, there will be many people replacing their phones with this device, myself included.

  46. he he he

  47. I stopped in an apple store to load up my youtube “tron android vs apple” video on all the macs and iphones while my wife shopped. What can I say ….time to kill….. In doing so I had a chance to play with the ipad. To heavy , to akward to hold , and to expensive. The galaxy tab seems to solve the first two problems but the third will kill the high end tab market. Tabs have less functionality than a pc and do the same thing as your phone(yes some make calls too) but are to cumbersome to lug around in your pocket. The only benny is a larger screen for games and movies. 100 bucks maybe 2 for these glorified mutimedia devices but 500…..600? I read the tea leaves early on this one. Tablets have been tried before and they have failed for the same reason they are showing signs of failing now. Build em cheap or don’t build em at all.

  48. I agree with most of the posters here. A bill less and I would have purchased five without hesitation.

    I will still buy five but it will be when the price comes down on these or someone with a brain prices a competing model (with headset capability) right.

    Samsung really missed the boat with this… as for the carriers… F*ck off with your no dialer restriction too.

    Stupidity runs rampant unfortunately.

    Sidenote The Utopia Apad iMX515 8 inch someone posted… it’s resistive touch which is crap at any price.

    To those that think the ipad is the way to go… I simply laugh. You are lining Steve Job’s pockets while he (and I) points and laughs at you… Sheep.

  49. he he he he

  50. Samsung decided to walk on Apples path of greed, and down they go.
    Good to see that not everyone enjoys beeing ripped off.

  51. Will samsung listen to everyones feedback? Probably not. lol. Too slow to upgrade. Failed times two!

  52. Android doesn’t have a chance on tablets until well after xmas. There’s no established market for it – It’s the iPad’s game for now.

  53. It’s too small.

  54. Way to go Sammy… You really botched this one. Had high hopes for this tab but I’ll be waiting for the honeycomb goodness that rolls out now.

  55. $300-$350 and no contract- SOLD!

  56. As others noted, the price is way too high. And lest we forget, Android is still lacking in some areas compared Apple or Microsoft (Hulu and Netflix).

    Google has to pull it’s head out and solve Netflix, Hulu, etc. Samsung needs to pull its head out and realize they launched an inferior tablet at a higher price than the Ipad.

    Two stupids do not make a right.

  57. They did no advertising! I own the Tab, and it’s a fantastic device. Definitely worth the price. But few people know about it. Whether that was the fault of the carriers or Samsung, it doesn’t matter — they didn’t do proper advertising.

  58. You people are idiots for thinking Samsung is going to charge $300 for a 7″ device when the 3.7″ Galaxy S is priced their after rebate. Samsung, on the other hand, was stupid for coming out with a 7″ to begin with. Seriously, did they sit in a board room and say, “Well, due to the popularity of the iPad, we’re going to launch something 3″ inches smaller at basically the same price. We’re not going to really market it, and we’re going to release it before Android is really even officially ready to go on a tablet.”

    With 3.7″ and 4.3″ smartphones pretty much the norm, any tablet less than 10″ is pointless in my opinion. A letter-sized sheet of paper is about 13.75″ diagonal, so Galaxy Tab is just about half, so you’re viewing at about 50% of actual size, which would barely be legible without zooming and scrolling. At least with 10″, you’re at about 75%, which is legible without scrolling at all.

    I’ll pay $500-600 for a tablet, but it better be 10″, LTE-capable, and it certainly better out-spec my smartphone. The Galaxy Tab accomplishes none of those things.

  59. Yep, too expensive. Whoever was responsible for the current pricing is simply out of touch with the marketplace.
    I’d pay $400 with no contract (as long as carriers don’t pull things from the OS).

  60. Apple fans are accustomed to overpaying because they think they’re cool. Android fans are smarter, they’ll wait until the prices drop and get the most for their money.

  61. I would have already had one if they were going for $300.

  62. I would have rushed out to buy one on day one if they hadn’t blocked the phone portion of the unit. I don’t need another netbook, i need a smaller than netbook sized phone with netbook capabilities. 4″ is great, 5″ might work, but 7″ I could lose some of the dead weight I am dragging around everywhere. Just my 2 cents worth.

  63. Seems I agree with most of the others. It’s a price point problem. This thing should have been $400 or less in a wifi only version for it to look competitive against the ipad. Making it the same price as the wifi ipad was stupid.

  64. The price is steep, but it is absolutely perfect for my job. I needed something that can hold a couple gigs of tech manuals, has a built in camera for documenting faults with equipment, can send email, and can fit in my tool bag. The wireless printing, powerpoint, word, and excel editing are also huge benefits that allow me to leave my laptop in the office when I am out at a job. I really wanted the BB Playbook, but this fits for what I need now, and in less than a week it has already paid for itself.

  65. Yep as everyone else has said… TOO MUCH MONEY!!
    I don’t need a 2 year contract. I want the WiFi only!

    What a disappointment. I am amazed that Samsung did not get this! Looks like Christmas belongs to the IPAD!!!!!!
    That sucks!!!

  66. @ckeegan I don’t think you get it… tablet size preference is based on need. 7″ makes a perfect form factor for portability especially in emerging enterprise usage as business tools in warehouses, service crews, and where using a tablet one-handed is needed. The 10″ size can be useful for consumers at home where propping the tablet on you knees or holding with two hands is not an issue. One size doesn’t fit all so 7″ can be perfect for some while 10″ could be too large for others.

  67. This news is no surprise at all. It was obvious from the moment the prices were announced. Can you believe that Amazon originally priced it at £799 in the UK?! This is not worth more than approximately £350. Even the OS is not suitable for a tablet. And it’s not nearly as smooth as Ipad. C’mon Samsung you have to be cheaper, MUCH CHEAPER! BTW the second hand Galaxy Tabs have popped up on Amazon UK. The love at first sight is over.

  68. I am frustrated with the tab’s inability to match ipads performance. The browser is jittery, unlike the buttery smooth browser on iPad. I love the size, But can’t justify paying same price as iPad for something that’s subpar. Returning it to tmobile….

  69. The Tab seems to be going after a customer that wants to carry the device around with him/her at all times; sort of like the Kindle. However, priced at $600, it’s way too expensive for that type of use, especially given most of these customers are already carrying around smartphones that perform the same function. The iPad is seen as more of a portable computer. Executives like it for travel, people like it for viewing movies at home or on the road, news junkies and others like it for weekend reading. The size makes all the difference here; people feel as if they are paying a premium for such a large device. Trying to break middle ground isn’t gonna cut it

  70. I bought the Sprint version but returned it today. The burn of that $500 (399 plus activation and other junk) and the the 2 yr plan just really kept burning at me. And when you are on a 3G network and get the dredded “roaming’ warning message, it just sucked. It really pissed me off to begin with that I couldn’t make calls with it since I rarely make them that often. That aside, had this been $300 range with no contract, there is no way I would have taken it back.

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