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PapayaMobile’s announced that they’ve launched an easy to use game engine for developers who need a little pick-me-up for the Android platform. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because they make some of the fun and addictive games you see on the Android market today, such as Papaya Farm. (A Farmville clone, for lack of a better comparison.) It’s free and based on OpenGL so you won’t have much work to do to get your wares up and running. Here’s a list of what Papaya’s engine offers:

· PapayaMobile, a leading mobile social platform for Android apps, today announced Papaya Game Engine for Android: A free, Open GL run-time script game engine that is a user-friendly, straightforward way to develop games and reach Papaya’s 4 million global users via viral marketing and cross promotion.

· The Papaya Game Engine is:

o A one-stop destination for developers who want to make cool Android games without having to learn the complexities of the Android API or wade through the fragmented Android market

o The first run time script engine written in C on Android with performance significantly faster than other Java based game engines

o A way for developers to write complicated, high quality Android social games using Python or Flash like script language

o A platform that allows for release and regular update of games directly through Papaya’s network, so users never have to download new apps

o Combined with Papaya’s billing system to provide a complete solution for game developers to not only gain exposure, but to instantly monetize and integrate virtual currency, offer-based ads and a comprehensive set of billing channels

o Integrated with Papaya’s social features – like challenges, avatars and LBS – to offer deeper user engagement

o Easy to use and master – it takes a programmer five minutes to learn and sophisticated games can be created within one week.

· Papaya’s Game Engine offers automatic Android device detection/adaptation and features that make developers’ lives easier:

o Compact and lightweight

o Dynamic type and object oriented

o Native view UI

o Resource caching management

o Python/Actionscript like syntax that is very easy to learn

· To make your game using the Papaya Game Engine, follow the tutorial at:

This can only help bring in even more games for Android to make the platform a well-rounded experience for people of all ages and types. Now excuse me while I go water my brussel sprouts on PF.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. That’s pretty sweet!

  2. A link to the actual papayamobile website would be nice.

  3. indeeeeed.

  4. Nate, I did google it up myself. I meant in general, posting a news article with no source is unprofessional.

  5. Time to try Papaya Farm game.

  6. My friends and I were pretty addicted to Papaya Farm for almost a year, but after growing everything possible in the game, it ended up getting repetitive and boring. Plus, some of the stuff they added in the Ranch portion made it almost necessary to buy stuff w/ real-world money (tigers that eat so much meat, you’ll never get rid of them with what you can buy for free, etc.). Oh, and don’t even get me started on the “tournaments” they have, where it’s pretty much, “Whoever spends the most real $ in the tourney, wins.”
    That game did pretty much make me decide that I will never play a game again that demands you log in at certain intervals, at the risk of losing your investments (in this case, getting your stuff stolen). And I’m actually happier now that I quit.

  7. To be fair, there *is* a link in the quote box, though it’s not clickable.

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