Nov 15th, 2010

The latest OTA news being shoved through our newswire comes from the Sprint camp with their newly-launched Samsung Galaxy Tab. Phil from Android Central noticed version MR0 DJ30 was being pushed to him this evening which was said to “address the Microsoft Exchange IT Admin policy compliance and SMS short code messaging.” I’m not sure what all of that does, but what’s important to note is that the update actually failed to apply itself after it was downloaded. Some users even reported not being able to find the firmware upgrade on Sprint’s servers even after they’d been prompted before, leading us to believe that Sprint pulled it.


It’d make sense for them to pull an update that didn’t actually work, so we’ll go with that explanation. Another plausible yet still less likely scenario is that his Galaxy Tab already shows that the necessary update file has been downloaded and won’t let him redownload it. At this point, speculation is stupid because the minor update that almost no one will care about doesn’t work regardless, so I’ll just stop talking about it. We’ll update you when or if it ever stops failing.

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