Dell Opus One to be Dual-Core Follow-up to the Streak?


We’re not sure how this one slipped through the cracks, but new rumors late last week are suggesting that Dell has a new Android tablet in the works that will be a direct successor to the Dell Streak. It’s said that this new tablet will be out in May 2011 and is currently codenamed the Opus One. (Which could and definitely should change before it makes its way to  market. That name is hideous.)

dell streak

It will still be a 5-inch beast but will have a nice screen resolution of 1280×800 and will supposedly be equipped with a 1.2GHz dual core processor. While some of you are still waiting for Froyo (which should actually be out already), Dell’s getting ready to ring in a new Android smartphone that could rock your digital world.

[via StreakSmart]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sounds great, but May 2011? Dell’s design team is running about 3-6 months behind the rest of the universe.

  2. Well, it should be interesting trying to read 1280×800 in a 5 inch form factor. Gonna be double tapping…

  3. i hope there is a unlocked verison and a version for all 4 carriers or atleast Att and Verizon

  4. @Quentyn Kennemer,

    Have you ever heard of Opus One before this? It’s a top-notch Cabernet Sauvignon. Probably had some influence on the codename.

  5. Well, this looks awesome and really high resolution… but not ffc? Needs to ffc & dual flash for back camera?
    Oh and the camera’s like 9megapixels? I mean come on the Evo has 8megapixels..

  6. Maybe they’ll have the OS updated to 2.2 by then at least, while the rest of the Android world will be on 3.1 or something. I say this as a current Streak owner still rockin’ it with 1.6, despite Dell’s claims of an update to 2.2 today.

  7. Hopefully this time around the flash on the camera will actually be of use. That thing SUCKS on the Streak. It’s useless for anything more then 2 feet away from you………

    Zachery, it should have a dual flash 5mp camera (high mp =/= better pictures btw)) and a ffc. The streak did so its direct successor should aswell. Hopefully.

  8. edit
    it should have a dual flash and ATLEAST 5mp camera*

  9. Surely Opus is the perfect name for a device based on Linux ?

  10. I don’t care how it looks, I just want dual core with 5 inch screen!

  11. @Colin I’m glad somebody pointed that out. I wonder if Dell’s next device’s codename will be Caymus Conundrum.

  12. I think Dell fail in their attempt to make a android device a cell phone. Lets see if they learn anything when this comes out.

  13. is there a dell opus one coming out?

  14. is there a dell opus one coming out?

  15. is there a dell opus one coming out?

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