Buy a Smartphone Get $100 Giftcard


Walmart may be trying to get ahead of the Black Friday bargains with this one. From the 17th through the 25th, a purchase of any smartphone from HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG or Blackberry will net the purchaser a $100 Walmart gift card. With Walmart carrying Android devices supported by all four major carriers, it may be a good time to cash in!

[via Droid Life]

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  1. D@mmit! I just bought the mt4g @ tmo an hour ago!

  2. Yeah… I wonder if you have to wait 4-6 weeks to get the gift card. It would be great if you can use the $100 towards the purchase of a device. I’m sure there is some shady quid pro quo here.

  3. does this apply to unlocked phones?

  4. I smell conspiracy…

  5. They did this last year, you can’t use the gift card towards the phone but I’m pretty sure you get the card on the spot.

  6. I’m down!

  7. I’ll buy me my phone and a new system fuck yes

  8. they cant even set your phone up for u..

  9. Shut up fresh

  10. I work in a Wal-Mart connection center.

    The gift cards will be instant use, just not on the phone itself. Given at the time of purchase. This has been done before, and its a great deal. Time for me to finally pick up that G2 I’ve been putting off.

  11. Will this be good on upgrades?

  12. Not all Walmart have been carrying Sprint. In fact most of them don’t. I got my LG Optimus free from Radio Shack but would have been nice to get $100 Walmart gift card…

  13. Why do people always ask if you can use the gift card towards the purchase. When has this ever been done? If it says you “get” a gift card chances are after the purchase or for making the purchase. It would just be an instant rebate or a discount on the item if that were what they were trying to do. But this does seem like a cool promo

  14. Is this deal valid for phones purchased at walmart.com?

  15. So you still get the rebate off of the phone too right?

  16. Seems exciting but I have to tread with care smells a bit fishy.

  17. first, they write off the entire $100 as a business expense

    second, some (most?) people will use that $100 gift card toward something even more expensive that they might not have otherwise bought at Best Buy

    third, depending on BB’s contract with the carriers, they may make more than $100 from you over 2 years (money they might not get otherwise)

    remember, it’s a BB gift card, not a $100 bill

  18. @ 6.nick

    You shut up.

  19. Wonder if the $100 will be with the Samsung Galaxy Tab?

  20. So do i need to fill out a form and send it into get my 100. Oh did i mention waiting 4 months or that they’ll say i filled out the paperwork wrong.

  21. The gift card is given at the time of upgrade/new activation.

    There is no mail in crap at Wal-Mart. The phones are also discounted to the max.

  22. wow, do i feel stupid, I read that as best buy for some reason…

  23. Prices for the HTC Surround (99.99) and Aria( free!) were much better online. Both phones were at least $50 more in store. Might get the gift card right away in store though. We renewed our contract with no extra monthly fees. We get the gift card in 4-6 weeks, which is fine with us since it will get here in time for Christmas Clearance!

  24. They did this last year with Blackberries. 100% legit. Although, they did not allow for me to use the card for purchase – rather it was only good for future use.

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