Nov 12th, 2010

XDA’s done it again, folks. Developer RyanZA has introduced his latest application – named Z4Root – which should make the rooting process brain-dead simple for anyone with an Android phone regardless of what phone they’re on. I’m not sure which devices he “officially” supports, but he doesn’t specifically mention a list of devices so I’ll assume all. To be on the safe side, Droid-Life has a list of devices confirmed to be compatible so far:

  • Droid X
  • Droid 2
  • HTC Hero
  • Galaxy S devices

I wish I’d known about that last bullet point before sending my Epic 4G off to Samsung due to USB problems. (Rooting it was the only reason I cared to even ship it off.) Ah well. If you have yet to bite the bullet on rooting your phone and want an easy (and apparently failsafe) way to do this, then give it a shot. Make sure you take a scroll through the thread on XDA before you do, though, to ensure that you won’t come across any problems if you attempt to apply it. Anyone out there willing to risk their phones to beef up this list of confirmed devices? Let us know if you were successful if you have tried it out. [z4root.apk – right click, save target as]