Z4root – The Newest 1-Click Root Solution for Multiple Devices


XDA’s done it again, folks. Developer RyanZA has introduced his latest application – named Z4Root – which should make the rooting process brain-dead simple for anyone with an Android phone regardless of what phone they’re on. I’m not sure which devices he “officially” supports, but he doesn’t specifically mention a list of devices so I’ll assume all. To be on the safe side, Droid-Life has a list of devices confirmed to be compatible so far:

  • Droid X
  • Droid 2
  • HTC Hero
  • Galaxy S devices

I wish I’d known about that last bullet point before sending my Epic 4G off to Samsung due to USB problems. (Rooting it was the only reason I cared to even ship it off.) Ah well. If you have yet to bite the bullet on rooting your phone and want an easy (and apparently failsafe) way to do this, then give it a shot. Make sure you take a scroll through the thread on XDA before you do, though, to ensure that you won’t come across any problems if you attempt to apply it. Anyone out there willing to risk their phones to beef up this list of confirmed devices? Let us know if you were successful if you have tried it out. [z4root.apk – right click, save target as]


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  1. will this work on CDMA phones or just GSM phones?

  2. Gonna try it on a bunch of my phones.

  3. HTC Evo is mentioned (it’s a CDMA phone)

  4. Droid X is CDMA only, so yes, CDMA will work.

  5. Working on HTC Wildfire ?

  6. Didnt seek to work on a debranded Desire. It all seemed to work. I rebooted, install Super User, rebooted again, installed reboot widget as a test (it requires root) and it told me it failed to obtain root when I tried to use the widget.

  7. works on a Samsung epic :)

  8. I just tried three times on my Ally. Still no root.

  9. Comments on XDA are that it works fine with the Xperia X10 as well.

  10. Does it work on HTC Legend?

  11. Will it work on tablets? Going to take a look at Viewsonic’s G Tablet today, which doesn’t have a standard market.

  12. Does not work on dinc, I tried 3 time

  13. It does not work on the EVO, or for any NAND locked devices. It says this in the market, and on XDA.

  14. Tried on Droid Incredible but did not root.

  15. HTC EVO nothing happens. Not rooted after installing and running.
    Anyone have the same issue?
    Build number: 3.29.651.5
    Andrid 2.2

  16. T-mobile Motorola Cliq w/official 2.1 Motoblur version 2.1.5 rooted & good to go! Installed Barnacle wifi Tether & SetCPU. Both working flawlessly. Thanks XDA devs!

  17. wont work on the D1 tried many times.

  18. It worked on the Moment, but I am confused, now that I am rooted (I have the Superuser icon) what do I do and what differences is it supposed to make to my phone?
    p.s. I am brand new to this stuff :-)

  19. Some people need to learn how to read. The app developer says IT DOES NOT WORK ON THE EVO, OR ANY HTC DEVICE! It says it right in the market, and on XDA.

  20. If you have an HTC device, root with unrevoked 3.21.

  21. Sweet sweet sweet I first used unstable apps. I got a little overzealous for froyo so I took the ota on my droid x. I am getting this today and rooting mine and my girlfriend devices and never taking an ota again

  22. Does not work on Viewsonic G-Tablet with 2.2 OS but it DOES work on Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab! Returning the Viewsonic G-Tablet as had way tooo many issues! Love this app!

  23. Just added a fix for Droid 1. Update in market.

  24. Wow I can’t believe this worked on my Droid 1!!! I have the new 2.2 FRG22D OS and build and nothing else worked! So easy!!

  25. Epic all smiles!

  26. I just tried it and it seems to be stuck. It says “Running exploit in order to obtain root access” at the bottom, and the pinwheel indicator stopped turning. Tried to turn it off and couldn’t. WHAT SHOULD I DO???

  27. You can add the X10 family to your list

  28. HELP i tried on my drod 2 i got 3 days ago and it sayed exploiting to gain acess to root or something for like 15 min then my screen stayed on and went a black color and i still have a bar on top. is my fone bricked?

  29. my phone just ran out of batterys and its giving the battery thing on the front at 0 percent. let see what happens..

  30. I just used this on my Galaxy S i9000 running Froyo JP6. The phone was rooted. On my phone, this app works as claimed. On that basis, I also installed the One Click Lag Fix (OCLF) v2.2.8 by the same author, also in the Market….and now my phone is blazing fast. Wow. What a difference! I’ve been using stock Froyo for the past month and was becoming quite frustrated by the serious lag that occurred at times….waiting literally minutes for the phone to either respond or FC that app I was trying to use. TwyDroyd Pro was an app that seriously lagged….sometimes failing to open at all. But with OCLF installed and the lag fix applies, Twydroyd is back to working well and quickly. yay!

  31. It work on my Droid with FRG22D.

  32. Sabrina Simmons posed a good question for us newbs. I used it on my Fascinate and it says it is rooted. Now what? Where do I go from there? I really want to get rid of all the preinstalled apps. Let’s start there. Anybody?

  33. Did not work on my Dinc :( Unrovoked either!

  34. Worked on samsung intercept(sprint). Ok….wat do i do now

  35. will it work on the lg optimus s?

  36. When it sticks during install like that hard reset your device by pulling the battery…reboot and open z4 again. Second time will work.

  37. yes, works with lg optimus s (sprint)

  38. Worked on HTC EVO, Temp Root only. Permanent Root didn’t seem to work.

  39. How would i unroot if i had to?

  40. Will it work on my huawei ascend on cricket

  41. Will this work on the Orange San Francisco?


  43. Installed this on my EVO. It is rooted and running beautifully. Wireless Tether 2.0.5 pre-15. Z4root version 1.3.0., Superuser v2.3.6.1. Just got my Evo last saturday, Dec 4.

  44. Installed on original droid on dec3rd worked fine but vz upgraded to ver 2.2.1 build FRG83D on dec9. it no longer works . any fixes?

  45. Installed on original droid on dec3rd worked fine but vz upgraded to ver 2.2.1 build FRG83D on dec9. it no longer works . any fixes?

    Model number Droid
    Android version 2.2.1
    Baseband version C_01.43.01P
    Kernel version
    Build number FRG83D

    This is the about phone information.

  46. This is the about phone information.

    Model number ——Droid
    Android version —2.2.1
    Baseband version –C_01.43.01P
    Kernel version —-
    Build number ——FRG83D

  47. I just downloaded the z4root1.3.0 apk, installed, clicked permanent root and now it says running exploit in order to obtain root access” and has been like this for a few minutes. How long does this process take? im using a factory wiped droid x.

  48. Looks like the VZ upgrade to te MotoDroid 2.2.1 has successfully dicked up any attempt to root the phone. Have tried, unsuccessfully, 5 times tonight, taking the batter out, reloading the app from Z4root.apk,etc. Thanks VZW. You are in my heart of hearts – so NOT.

  49. it worked on my lg optimus t

  50. z4root DID NOT WORK on the Lg Optimus S.

  51. I installed the Z4Root on my EVO w/2.2 and when I run the app it goes though its changes and reboots and and then nothing happens, I try to connect to the tether for the hotspot and nothing. Can some one help me with this.

  52. I did it with my Galaxy S vibrant, with no problem!!! and Installed Barnacle wifi Tether… now I’m WIFI tethering, SWEET. I wanna know if it will be a good idea to try it with a Motorola Cliq. Thanks

  53. Gives me virus warning


  54. Worked on my Droid X. Very simply to install. One prob though, I deleted the Blockbuster app but the icon is still on my apps list. No biggie.

  55. Hi, z4root work great in my droid x 2.2 froyo

  56. No luck with my EVO. No superuser in directory. Also checked by typing “su” in a terminal emulator.

    I’ve run z4root twice now on my phone. It’s rebooted and looks like it’s rooting. But it doesn’t.

  57. I have an LG Ally and it was already rooted my phone then did an automatic update to version 2.2.1 and when i went to use Barnacle it said it didn’t have su permissions so i tried to re-root my phone adn it continuously gets stuck on the running exploit in order to obtain root access page… does anyone have any help/advice?

  58. hey the app is gone from the market… anyone help me with this??? thank you! [email protected]

  59. I just installed Z4 root on the Huawei Assend M860 Andriod fone from METROPCS. Be sure when you go on the developers web page download the 1.3.0 APK file. The standard 1.1.0 is just a shell app it “WILL NOT ROOT YOUR PHONE” if done correctly will work flawlessl. bottom line is u can’t screw this up. Only if your a NOOB. Good hacking my friends.

  60. been trying all night. updated vibrant to the 2.2 through mini kies and cant get z4 to work i have treid and tried and tried. pulled the battery gets hung then vibrates and tells me that the app forced closed

  61. how and where you find the z4 root 1.3.0 apk file,any link,what’s the process to root the Huawei Assend M860 Andriod fone from METROPCS,do you stall direct to cell phone or to the pc first??? thank-you.

  62. I got it,thank-you every one.I isntall the z4 root in my micro sd card 1.3.0 apk file ,it worked.

  63. I successfully rooted both my Huawei M860 and ZeniThink 2. Running Barnacle Wifi tether I was able to use the Huawei to tether my laptop. Very good connection I might add. The ZeniThink does not see the Barnacle hotspot. I’ll let you know when I’ve been able to figure it out. Something about Android devices not liking ad hoc networks.

    Oh, by the way, do not try to download Z4 Root on a WIN 7 64 bit system. It sees this as a virus. I downloaded it on the ZeniThink, then copied it over to the Huawei. Works wonderfully on both systems.

  64. how long is it supposed to take to root?

  65. Josh
    Just wondering how this worked for you. Tried both the temp and permanant. runs through the process then just goes to my home screen with no super usere. Also using Vortex.

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