Samsung Continuum Gets an Extended YouTube Ad


Last night at the Samsung Continuum launch event this is the video that introduced the phone to the world, but all I could think of the whole time was how its marketing strategy is directly opposite of the current round of Windows Phone 7 ads going around. Whereas Windows is marketing their phone as a device that will break that obnoxious habit of being consumed by your phone to the point of disfunction. Samsung wants you to know that now being glued to your phone is easier than ever:

The Windows Phone ad:

Really? I have to side with the Windows ad on this one. The gimmicky Continuum already had me feeling off from the beginning, but to encourage the constant interruption of normal societal functions at the sake of being constantly connected, now that isn’t an idea I like very much at all.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. i only checked out the windows 7 phone for tmobile (HD7). looks like @@@@! The UI looks absolutely horrible. would go with an iphone before windows 7

  2. That winmo ad is pretty old, though I gotta agree it’s a pretty funny ad considering Microsoft’s geeks came up with it. They have had some of the worst ad’s ever in the tech space.

  3. WinMo7….ugliest UI ever! FUGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. All the Samsung Continuum ad accomplished was to make my head spin and make me dizzy! C’mon Samsung, REALLY? Do you expect us, consumers, to believe that when we’re focused on something (on the bigger screen) we’d like to be bothered with that annoying little ticker? Until now I’ve always thought that that tiny screen’s purpose was to show us notifications and a bit of info thus avoiding the use of the bigger screen for the sake of battery life but that seems not to be the case… Soory about my English, I’m Portuguese.

  5. That windows phone 7 add has me wanting to go to the local tmo store to check it out. I won’t get one, but I want to check it out lol

  6. isn’t that what the notification bar is for anyway? a rare miss from sammy

  7. I don’t get all the nay saying when it comes to the Continuum. Samsung is trying to refresh a stagnent Android handset market, untill now the only real difference between new handsets on Verizon was screen size, camera mp, and ui. The Continuum and the Droid Pro are the only “unique” Android handsets on Verizon’s lineup. The Continuum is not perfect… Android 2.1 … but there are some people, like myself, who understand and like what Samsung is trying to do.

    I just hope they follow through with Froyo and other ota updates for their phones. This phone won’t be for everyone but I personally am a fan.

  8. Just what we need, two things for drivers to concentrate on instead of their driving!

  9. Dude, seriously? U think WP7 will ‘really’ “save us from our phones?” Get real. MS wants you glued to their phone like any other phone-maker does.

    Sure the WP7’s ad more… enticing, but at least Sammy’s ad doesn’t give a fake impression of real life. We ARE checking our phones all the time, whether you or MS wants to admit it or not. At least the ticker will help us do it quicker.

    (Notice the WP7 ad doesn’t tell us HOW we can avoid being on the phone all the time. Moral of the story: Don’t be fooled by snazzy advertising.)

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