Microsoft Sues Motorola (again) Over Xbox Royalty Demands



No longer than a month after Microsoft filed suit against Motorola for patent infringement in their Android handsets, Bill Gates and crew are at it again, this time suing the phone maker for demanding “royalties that are excessive and discriminatory” for wireless and video coding standards. That’s right, Microsoft is asking to be compensated by Moto after the latter asked the former for money.

While not directly Android-related, this should only serve to rile up the building feud between the two companies. Does Motorola deserve royalties for the technology used? Who knows, but someone will walk away with pockets heavier than they came with.

[via Reuters]

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  1. wow, this is SERIOUSLY getting epically retarded. I think they should cancel all law-suits and just let them make stuff and let the consumers decide who will make more money. Also, I dont think Bill Gates had a say in this, i donno he might have but didnt he retire..

  2. patent system seems almost broken for technology related things at the moment. Dont know how, or even if they can fix it, but sooner or later something has to give.

  3. Bill Gates isn’t part of the “Bill Gates and crew”, he’s busy giving money away.

  4. Motorola must have really pissed Microsoft off – they probably refused to spend a bunch of money supporting Windows Mobile 7 (the comment from Motorola’s CEO saying Windows Mobile 7 will only be a niche player probably didn’t help either).

  5. Talk about the kettle calling the pot black! Wasn’t strong arming companies into paying royalties Microsoft’s core tactic. . . or still is?

    What. . . a little miffed that others are finally fallowing in your footsteps MS?

  6. I would love to see what happens when/if they actually do go to court….

  7. Yeah, someone’s pockets will be heavier. All the lawyers.

  8. Bill Gates left Microsoft in 2008… It should read “Steve Ballmer and crew”

  9. I think the fact that Microsoft is actually taking the time to acknowledge that something is worth suing over speaks volumes about Motorola’s progress with Android. As if the weak comparison of Microsoft’s smart phone in contrast with Droid series wasn’t enough of a disparity, Microsoft is actually trying to sue them over what they would consider an inferior operating system to Microsoft. If Google Android wasn’t getting the job done and outperforming them in sales, would this even be an issue?

  10. Bill Gates is no longer working with Microsoft, he is now a Full-time “philanthropist”, like his buddies Rockefeller, Kissinger, Bush Sr., and many other above-the-law elitists. They love to use that word, philanthropist.

  11. uhh bill gates is no longer part of microsoft (well i guess as a non-exec chairman…). but yeah agree with other commenters — don’t think he had a hand in this. check your details/facts better please. don’t turn this site into another CNN.

  12. Bill gates no longer works at Microsoft

  13. Gates may not be an employee at microsoft but he’s still a major shareholder and will benefit greatly from these kind of tactics. As a major shareholder, his lack of action against these types of tactics shows his acceptance of such actions. These type of actions is how he built his business, the current leadership at microsoft is just following his example. Like a mafia don, he doesn’t need to pull the trigger anymore, someone he trained will do it for him.

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