Late Night with Jimmy Fallon “Droid” App Coming Soon


Late Night fans can now keep up with Jimmy Fallon on more than just twitter: he’s tweeted that the Android-based Late Night with Jimmy Fallon app will be headed for “Droid” phones soon. For now, we’ll chalk it up to him using the common short form of the word “Android” that Verizon’s turned into a household name over the past year. Then again, it’s Verizon: don’t be surprised if they’ll hold exclusive rights to this app.


[via Talk Android]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Ironic, Fallon is a huge Apple nut.

  2. he`s an iTard!
    he just wanna be down with the newest cool guys (in my high school disposition).

  3. Who cares?! There are too many unimportant posts like this. I’m unsubscribing and will get my Android new elsewhere.

  4. You go get your Android “new” elsewhere. I think this shows that even the biggest Apple fans have to pay attention to Android. Fallon is very funny and this app is going to be great for those of us that can’t stay up that late every night or already DVR way to much stuff. Show the Android love Jimmy, show the love! I hear Letterman is making an app exclusive to the Moto Razr.

  5. Sam is gay.

  6. I’m not a big fan of Fallon either. He thinks he’s still on SNL and does some of the most idiot skits I’ve ever seen. I mean seriously….a game show skit about “carpet samples?? WTF?? NBC must be really hurting for content cause I don’t know how this guy has lastest as long as he has! I say replace his time slot with a couple Seinfeld episodes.

  7. Sam just raised the srs bsns bar for the internet, congrats man.

  8. Yeah, definately a little drastic! lol I wonder if he’s cancelled his cable subscription too because he didn’t like what was on tv? Dude, lighten up!!
    Don’t read the post if the title doesn’t appeal to you, its really that simple. Really.
    Personally I like this site. The mods and authors do a great job posting not only topics regarding all things “Android”, but other tidbits of information as well. Some are interesting and others not so much, but it takes a lot of hard work finding (& writing interesting articles)and Phandroid posts some of the best around.
    Perhaps cutting back on the caffeine may help too…

  9. He’s the second worst SNL cast member ever only Keenan Thompson sucks more. Nobody screwed up more SNL skits than Fallon and Sands. They couldn’t complete a single skit without laughing, even when it wasn’t funny.

  10. Jerry, you’re a DUMBASS. Fallon was one of my favorites and i was very sad when he left. He did laugh alot but to me that always makes the scenes funnier! shut the hell up you judgemental fuck you don’t even know what your talking about. hahahahaha!!

  11. The ‘carpet sample’s segment is a parody of old game shows, the carpet sample part of it isn’t totally relevant, it just makes it funnier that they use something so random.

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