Vodafone Getting the HTC Desire Z


Although Vodafone has yet to say anything about it themselves, it looks like they’ll be picking up the HTC Desire Z to sit alongside the Desire HD that they’ve already been offering. Their plans were revealed from a snapshot of a print ad that’s set to go out soon. It’s still the same phone we talked about before and will be offered for free on a 30 pounds per month business tariff, to start. (No word on if personal tariffs will be offered.)


[via EuroDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Their german subsidiary is listing both on their coming soon list for quite some time.

  2. “The only high spec Android smartphone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard”
    What about the G2 and the Epic 4G?

  3. @Robbert.

    That is the G2 and the Epic 4G is a US only phone.

  4. Its soon out on personal- On the upgrade screen you can pre order it – I preordered mine last week – due out around the 17th November.

  5. @Best Android Apps, but what about the Milestone 2?

  6. lol yeh.. the milestone 2 is even more highspec if youre just comparing numbers.. (although its probably about even really) i suppose theyre technically correct since the milestone 2 hasnt been released in the uk yet.

  7. There have been HTC adverts for the desire z with a vodafone logo at the bottom around in the UK for weeks now.

  8. Just got mine (not business) from phones4u yesterday. YAY!

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