TweetDeck Updated to 1.0.2, Fixes Bugs and Brings New Features


tweetdecklogoTweetDeck’s gotten another upgrade – this time to 1.0.2 – and we’ve been treated to a nice round of fixes and enhancements. (Thank god for this new Recent changes field. Changelogs are so much more descriptive now.) Anywho, here’s the list of changes per the Android market entry:

*Clicking on a failed update notification takes you back to compose/edit

*Facebook Places now show up in stream and stay in app

*Optimized data usage for Facebook calls in Home column

*Replay all now correctly references the original tweet

*Long press context menu for updates in timeline

* preview support

Head on over to the Android market to update now.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. They must be f*cking with us! Still only showing twitter updates from one account – is this a joke?

  2. they need to fixed the cilumn widget , it gets chopped in landscape , and besides there are lighter bars visible, we need autocomplete while mentioning contacts and a shortener service for links!

  3. Seriously guys – autocomplete! It’s an essential feature and the one you’re really missing. “Add a contact” sucks, is slow and unlovely workflow and doesn’t even display all my contacts to choose from.

    Other than that, Tweetdeck is pretty much perfect for me.

  4. I dumped TweetDeck on my DX because it destroyed my batt life. MUCH improved after switching to Touiteur. I still use TweetDeck on my PCs, tho the newest update just failed.

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