Sam’s Club App Helps You Save Money, Find Clubs



If you’re one of those bargain shoppers who buys 2 tons of mayonnaise from Sam’s Club, then you’ll want to download their new app they’ve just released for Android. You can use the app to scan products, find your local Sam’s Club store, get a map of the store’s layout, find featured deals, read reviews, and more all from your phone. I don’t see myself needing stockpiles of food and necessities to hold on to this winter, but if you fit that description and Sam’s Club is already your grocer of choice, scan that QR code below and get started.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. IF you can input your shopping list and it automatically plans a route through the store to avoid backtracking(paying close attention to frozen items should be selected last)…..then I’m in :) If I shopped at Sam’s…..

  2. Plan a route for shopping? Lol

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