November 12 is the Day for the Samsung Galaxy Tab at Bell



The Samsung Galaxy Tab is just a few days away from making an assualt on North America with releases throughout the UNited States and Canada, and joining the list of November launches is Bell Canada, who will be dropping the Tab on the 12th of the month. Bell is promising “Canada’s best network” with HSPA+ (that they haven’t called 4G yet) for wireless connectivity as well as your standard Wi-Fi connection. The Tab will be SMS-capable for post-paid subscribers.

Bell is gearing up for the launch with the SKU coming into inventory today and promotional materials following next week. No word on pricing or pre-orders, though.

[via BGR]

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  1. Just about all major networks in Canada are HSPA+ 21 Mbps and none of them are branded as “4G”. They like the marketing name “3G+” a lot however, and it is as meaningless.

  2. Read the headline as “November 12 is the Day for the Samsung Galaxy at Taco Bell” and was very confused/hungry…

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  4. HA! My name is Cory too, and I read the exact same thing!

    Samsung Galaxy at Taco Bell


  5. I guess that means at&t 3g support with Bell’s 850/1900 bands..?

  6. will it be unlocked?

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