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With all the innovation that has surrounded the mobile phone in over the past five years, it is amazing to see how little your cordless landline phone has evolved in the same period. Sure, chalk up to decreasing relevancy as many shift to cellular lines only, but someone has to be looking out for the technology that started it all in the first place. Enter the iDect iHome phone system, a cordless home phone that has more in common with your current Android device than your old landline connection.

Running on some unnamed version of Android, the iDect features much of what you’d expect from a smartphone: email, apps, and cell-style contacts manager. Specs include 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, a 320×240 color touchscreen, and expandable microSD memory, and you get all of the standard fare from web browsing and email to YouTube and media player. The whole thing clocks in at 100 euros.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. thats kinda neat. If it has Market and can be used with google tv (via remote apps like logitecs) i could see this actually being somewhat popular.

  2. that is beautiful. i have been hoping we would see a successful android version of the failed verizon hub

  3. Kind of a cool idea. But that looks like a pretty crusty old version of Android in the pics. I don’t suppose it would have Market, either.

  4. Get rid of this Bing advertising crap!!!

  5. don’t really see the point in this since more and more people are dropping landlines, I haven’t had one in about 7 years..

    Not to mention most people have wifi, and with wifi calling on your cellphones this makes this even more unuseful..

    Would’ve been cool about 10 years ago though..

  6. @ Spencer,

    Seriously man, I get SO tired of that.. Then there’s the random sprint ads that hide articles from you..

    My biggest complaint is the comment system though.. I wish they’d use one of comment systems like other blogs (Engadgets or something on that line)…

  7. Who complains about the ads? The screen-filling animated ones I’ll give you, don’t cover the actual media, but the Bing ads? Waaaa, I have to scroll another half inch, waaaa! Come on! Whatever gets the folks who run this wonderful site paid best, I’m all for it.

  8. COOL

  9. i don’t mind ads, I just mind the Bing ones haha.. I have no complaints with the site making revenue and advertising to whomever that pays them, i was basically just joking..
    It’s just funny to come to a Android site and see the HUGE BING ad all in your face!!!

  10. This would be cool as there are a lot of folks that don’t want cell phones but could do all on a landline. I know a few I would like to txt their landline as they turn cells off at home. Another step in smartphones replacing a laptop. Much easier to use a landline out on a porch than a laptop. Great Ideal even late

  11. I always wonder why the companies that are both landline and cellular haven’t already introduced a way to use your cellphone as an unwired landline. The first generation probably couldn’t switch from one to the other while on a call.

  12. Oh, I forgot. Why would they put a little “i” on a name for an Android device? There’s no way I’m buying a device that starts with “i”.

    And I imagine the other side:
    “Hey, Apple’s selling a home phone. I gotta get one” “That’s Android.” “Android? I ain’t buying that $#!+”

  13. @Todd
    You should check out Xlink bluetooth device that lets you use your cell phone line with your home phones and you dont need landline service.

  14. why not use google voice to connect your landline to your cell phone?

  15. you know i took my old G1 & luckily opened an account with Gizmo5 way before they stopped making accounts when google bought them. & with my google voice app and google voice account, i combined both of them for unlimited free calls, and text & that is my new house phone. everyone that sees it think its the coolest house phone to date,hey wanna send a text yeah? just go ahead an glide the keyboard out dude! wough man that was awsome i want one, nope dude its the only one in the world :) yeah im too cool!

  16. I’m with @Todd. Why are there so many companies getting away with putting the little “i” on the names of their devices? Has apple not sued them yet?

    Besides that, If this is android based, what were they thinking putting the “i” on it?

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