Sprint Now Selling HDMI Dock for EVO 4G, $39.99


Sprint’s taken for-ev-er to come to market with this, but they’ve finally launched the HDMI dock for the HTC EVO 4G that was originally shown off at the time of the device’s announcement. Just as they said it would be before, you can grab the dock up for $39.99 and it does come with an HDMI cable. Hopefully Sprint’s been taking this time to make sure a good chunk of their EVO users can actually use the HDMI feature on their phones as older HDTV models are not compatible with the connection type that the EVO requires. If any of you Sprint for one, let us know how it fares for you if you couldn’t take advantage of the phone’s HDMI port before.


[via Good and EVO]

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  1. I think the reason it took forever was because they wanted to see the Evo sales first, I have an Evo btw and would probably get this

  2. I purchased a HDMI adapter cable via Ebay weeks ago and it works great!

  3. I dont suppose this would with with the HTC Desire HD (in the UK)? I have a none DNLA compatible TV and I know HTC have said they were releasing a wireless media link but they havent given any indication of when it will be available or how much it will cost. $40 (~£30?) doesnt sound link a bad alternative.

  4. The photo suggests that it is just a dock. The cable appears to be USB.

  5. @Dana
    The cable is clearly an HDMI cable as you can see the trapezoidal shape of the connection. Plus it’s too wide for a USB, the cable is included.

  6. I have been waiting FOREVER for the dock… I sure wish it had a second charging slot for the EXTRA battery I have to carry…

  7. got my microHDMI -> HDMI cable from monoprice for something like $3. Not worth paying 13x that amount for a ‘dock’.

  8. Can you output audio from the HDMI port? I wish it had a 3.5mm output like the Nexus One dock. Sometimes I wish I still had my N1.

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