Archos 43 Internet Tablet Now Available, 101 Tablet Delayed?


Archos is now taking orders for their 4.3-inch internet tablet – the Archos 43 Internet Tablet – and price of admission will run you $250.  It has a 4.3-inch WVGA touchscreen, an HD camcorder, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the ability to beam your phone’s screen to the TV, stream media files from your PC, and more. There’s no Android market, but they have included AppsLib to help you get some apps onto the device.


Unfortunately, the 10.1-inch version seems to have been delayed, we’re told. We’re not sure why, but the wait won’t be long as those who’ve pre-ordered it should still be seeing it before the end of this month. Head over to Archos now if you want to order one for yourself.

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  1. $250 for the 4.3 ? That was supposed to be the entry price of the Archos 70 ? This is ridiculous.

  2. That’s still the best wifi only 4.3″ android device you can get for the price.
    I wonder if you can manually install APKs from the market however.

  3. The 8gb 101 is $299.
    I wonder why they don’t have the android market?
    I’m wondering if I’d be able to root it, install cyanogen & the market.

  4. I had the old archos 5 tablet and it cost me about the same price. Loading apps manually was a big pain in the ass. What I did was backed up apks from my phone then put that sdcard in the archos and load em. Using something like dropbox makes it alitle easyer. Also a lot of apps wouldn’t load cause the device wasn’t reconised. The applib store is horrible. No device is even worth buying with out the real marketplace.

  5. All of archos GEN8 devices can load other apk’s. There is already a market hack to get full access to the Google market and Google apps. Check out the forums at for more details

  6. You will be able to side load apks. Its android after all.
    No market place is because google currently has some limits on who can and can not use the market place. Markey place is not android after all. (I expect googles requirments to change after they officially start supporting tablets)
    You can however side load the market place, do a search around and you should be able to find the compatable market place apk.

  7. Let this be a lesson to all the Galaxy Tab haters out there that are saying “just buy an Archos” – well news for you buddy, Archos isn’t any more reliable in availability or in function.


  8. 4 inches? Tablet? Isn’t it a call-less phone?

  9. I already order the 70 (in France) should be delivered around the 15th of November.

    For the android market it’s easy to hack check they explain how to do.

  10. I’m having trouble finding release info about the 70. This article mentions that the release date for the 101 has delayed but does this affect the 70?

  11. $250 for 4.3in without android market??? The Chinese are selling 7in tablets with better specs under $200 (with android market) WTF?

  12. My watch is a 1.2″ tablet. IT doesn’t make phone calls, or access the market, but it’s still a tablet!

  13. There is a market hack that will work on all Gen 8 devcies. It’s called gApps4Archos.apk. It will install Market, Gmail and other Google apps. Market works just fine on the Archos. ;)

  14. From what I am reading the 70 is supposed to ship this week while the 101 will ship the week of the 8th. Not sure how that adds up with this article though.

  15. From what I am reading the 70 is supposed to ship this week while the 101 will ship the week of the 8th. Not sure how that adds up with this article though.

  16. “$250 for 4.3in without android market??? The Chinese are selling 7in tablets with better specs under $200 (with android market) WTF?”

    Except you’re supporting actual competition to samsung with Archos and more support through actual forums such as Archos Fans and etc, I’d say the GEN8’s are going to be more reliable than most tablets out right now, but the Galaxy is coming out soon with a hefty price tag though. We’ll see how everything goes since Archos has delayed US release date by so much

  17. I have been waiting a looooong time for the 101 to come out. First they said September, then October then November 1st…. I am not holding my breath. Chances are they will delay it again and wont be available until the first quarter of 2011. I HOPE I’M WRONG!!

  18. “$250 for 4.3in without android market??? The Chinese are selling 7in tablets with better specs under $200 (with android market) WTF?”

    Yeah, and if you’re lucky sometimes the Chinese devices actually work. But they never come with a manual or a customer support phone number.

    You pays your money. You takes your choice. TTF.

  19. Why are they calling these little things ‘tablets’?

  20. the reason archos tablets don’t have market is because google only allows market on devices with phone capabilities.

    those chinese ipad clone things do have market even without 3g/phone capabilities, but that’s because they ignore google’s rules at the risk of getting closed off from market later on.

  21. My 101 is arriving tomorrow yay! Ordered from cleverboxes in the UK.

  22. I got my Archos 101 today. It has dead pixels and is only running Android 2.1. It is sluggish and has a very poor screen.

    BUT … I do like it generally. If it was £200 I would say it was OK, but at £300 it is below par and I will most likely send it back.

    I have an HTC Desire to compare it against (running 2.2) and the phone beats this for speed and quality hands down. This seems to jerk along while the phone is smooth. The screen on the Archos appears blurry and is almost impossible to get a decent viewing angle.

    The camera is a real let down and really sux!!!!! It is by far the worst camera I have ever, ever seen.

    I do like the leg! It works really well.

    So 5 out of 10 from me.

  23. Thanks for the mini review, I also have the desire on 2.2 so I’m assuming ill have a similar reaction. Froyo is just round the corner though so that should sort out the speed a bit.

    What is the applib market like?

  24. @John – if you read the fine print, the Archos 101 is shipped with 2.1 and you have to update it to 2.2 and then also install flash.

    After 2.2, you should see speed improvements as you would have on your Desire going to 2.2 from 2.x.

    That does suck to hear about the screen and camera though. I’m still debating to get it when it’s available in the US.

  25. Android Market isn’t important to me but would be nice. I have the archos 5 internet tablet, does what i need but only on 1.6 and no flash. For me its all about the Internet in my pocket,camcorder and camera is secondary but a plus. I paid 286.00 including the 2 day shipping for the 4.3

  26. It’s possible to buy with a promotion code (-15%), archos 101 with 16Gb is available(with a bit of time), and the first impressions are very good. Many tests are available on french website.

  27. Well the Archos 70 is sold out, as it has been pulled from their online store.

  28. $249 for the 4.3″? Looks like my kids will be disappointed Archos just priced themselves out from under my Xmas tree.

  29. Just got the new Archos 4.3 i like it a lot. but it is still on Android 2.1 when will Android 2.2 be available for download?

  30. I got the 3.2 yesterday. It is ok. Still on Android 2.1 and won’t update to 2.2. Biggest problems I have with it is that you have to be right on top of a wireless router to get it to connect and the bluetooth DUN doesn’t seem to want to work with Blackberry. Otherwise, it works pretty good.

  31. An earlier facebook post claimed the 70 and 101 would be available on Archos’ site, in their store on November 18th. Well, here it is November 18th and no news on the site. No heads-up from Archos or anything. Starting to look more like Notion’s Adam Ink every day.

  32. Phft…Adam Ink…right.
    Almost can be considered vaporware at this point. Even if it does come out it is heavier than the iPad (one of the bigger complaints about the iPad is the weight) and its more expensive than the Archos 101 which is at least near market ready and should be out by the end of November. One of the appeals of a tablet is that it is light-weight and portable. If I’m going to carry around something that is 1.7 pounds it sure as heck isn’t going to be a tablet.

  33. Still waiting for the 4.3……No word yet on availability and Archos site just has a “notify me” button. Hope to get one in with some hack time before Xmas!!!!

  34. good features – esp TV out.

  35. i ordered (or pre-ordered) the 4.3 tablet from amazon NOV 29th. still no word ANYWHERE. as to when the 4.3, or any of the new Archos will be restocked.

    i accidentally selected UK for country. and there it said “estimated shipment first week in January” for the 101.

  36. You can hack it, well not really hack but you can fint the .apk of the google apps then install those and you will get the market :) same with all archos devices

  37. I preordered the 43 on Amazon also. Got a message that said they don’t know when the archos will be in. My daughter is really looking forward to the 43, but it looks like no present for her to unwrap on the 25th. Does anyone know where there is any in stock?

  38. Any idea when the archos 101 will be available in the US?

  39. Dec 24 and STILL no 43s in stock.
    I’m beginning to wonder if this is a company that’s worth getting involved with. Maybe they have a couple of French elves cranking out 2 or 3 units a day on a little wooden bench in the Alps.

    Don’t companies usually try to make new product available in order to actually SELL it as opposed to just having pretty pictures of it on a website?! And usually it’s good to have stock available for Christmas…just saying…

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