Motorola Droid 2 Update Now Going Out for All



Last week a small group of Motorola Droid 2 owners were treated to an early release of a new firmware update to version 2.3.20. If you weren’t in the initial group you were stuck waiting, and we all know in terms of Android updates that’s never a good thing. But good news is here, as the update is now available for all. You can pull it down yourself by navigating to “Settings > About > System Updates” if you haven’t already been pushed the new software.

Just a note: even though the version number might read as 2.3.20, this update is not to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I have a D2 coming in today. I thibnk I’ll root before even trying to update, it was stated in the forums that once your at 2.3, you cant go back to 2.2 My guess is that what Big Red is really doing is making it harder to root (like the frf01B-FRG22D, the only real reason for that was tethering and ease-of-rooting issues.

  2. To be clear, I meant that FRF01B was much easier to root than FRiGgin-22D. I *think* (not sure) that FRF01B had tehering (again, I may be wrong, I was always rooted, so didn’t notice). Charging for tethering is ridiculous anyway, but now I digress.

  3. uhhh i think DrOiD failed ;)

  4. “upto”

    Come on Moto, run a spell check.

  5. Do anybody knows if advance task killer stops updates from getting to the phone?

  6. @papis, no task killers won’t stop an update, at least ATK doesn’t, and I don’t think any others do. I know when I was running Bugless Beast v0.4 (FRF01B base) and they changed to FRG22D, I kept getting notices until I installed a patch by Bartl3by to keep my D1 from getting the update notices. I don’t know much about the D2s, but I would imagine it is the same or very similar in the way they handle updates, but I could be dead wrong, if so, someone will be along shortly to correct me :)

  7. @DJ FRG22D on a droid is easy to root, just flash sprecovery and whatever rom you want. Not one click, but still dum dum easy.

  8. Thank you DJ.

  9. The update crashed my phone today. Verizon is already mailing a replacement. In battery icon there is a “?” and when plugging in it says invalid battery.

  10. Should I unroot before I do this? I am already restoring my phone to where I hadn’t put on any themes but should I completely unroot?

  11. @ Steve, yes, FRG22D is easy to root, I simply meant that it isn’t as easy as the one-click methods available on earlier builds, when you go from easy root to having to use RSD lite, etc. It just takes a bit more work, and they are definitely easier to root than the Droid 2 (which I am finding out)

  12. I have the R2D2 Droid 2 and I can’t pull the update. Anyone else not being able to pull?

  13. I’m not able to pull down the update either, when I click on “system updates” it keeps saying “checking for available update. Please wait.” and has the red circular icon that will keep spinning for over 10 minutes…

  14. What is in this update?

  15. Mica, mine did the same thing, if you turn the phone off and back on while not connected to the charger that will go away.

  16. I have an r2-d2 droid2 also and can’t get the update however I herd.
    it wasn’t android software 2.2 being replaced but 2.3 was a firmware 2.3.20 my phone has firmware 2.4.5witch I confusing to me does my get gingerbread or do I already have a better system android on my phone

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