LG enV Pro Shows its Face in New Pictures, but Will it Show Up on Store Shelves?


I have to admit the LG enV Pro has my interest piqued. I have been with Verizon since my first cell phone and graduated through the RAZR and moved into a succession of LG phones. The final set of devices I owned before making the switch to Android were the LG Voyagers and their eventual successor the LG enV Touch. When the potential for a handset I was quite endeared to be reborn as a dual-touchscreen Android device my excitement eventually gave way to the realization that the phone probably wouldn’t live up to Verizon’s other Android handsets, and it looks like that may be true.


The phone, seen here in a new set of images uncovered by an.Droid-Life (I see what you did there, Kellen), is said to have been dropped from its November 11th launch date after failing to impress Verizon test groups, according to Android and Me. The keyboard looks just about as awesome as those featured on the Voyager and enV Touch, but the handset seems to lack a certain amount of refinement that has become associated with Verizon’s Droids. Word is this would have been targeted as a mid-range device.

Will this get a release? Or is it truly doomed to a world of what could have been? I guess we will know soon enough.

[via Android and Me via AndroidLife]

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  1. Hah you like that? :P

  2. Nice looking phone :)

  3. that keyboard looks way too cluttered.

  4. Love to get that keyboard on a different phone. A 5 row keyboard with dedicated number keys on something like a 4″ or larger screen would be great. Make it a world phone with a decent processor and I could skip taking the laptop with me on some trips.

  5. Kind of odd this is for Big Red considering that picture show fonts and color and a layout very similar to what TMo would use.

  6. I think you mean Kellex?

  7. After just coming back from the Verizon store with my little brother I can’t recommend an LG phone to anyone with a straight face. They make glitchy phones no matter what model it is. I broke my LG phone because I was fed up with the constant shut offs. I went back to a Samsung Alias1 for a month before buying a slightly used D1 off eBay and I couldn’t be happier.

  8. Keyboard looks too bulky with 5 rows.

  9. That keyboard hurts my head.

  10. Good, they killed that binged phone

  11. The vibrate key sparks my interest.

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