Nov 2nd, 2010

It’s Tuesday! Did you think we were going to skimp on another giveaway? This week, we’re giving away more Isotoner gloves. Thanks to newfound knowledge that a lot of you guys freeze your butts off in the winter judging by the overwhelming response we got last week, we’ve decided to throw another pair into the mix! Check Rob’s video out from last week as he puts the gloves to the test:

But that’s not all. We’re filling the pot up this week since we made you guys wait so late in the day, so we’ll also be throwing in a full three-mat Powermat kit! Being able to bring your phone into the house and just drop it onto the table to start charging it is more convenient than you can imagine, and the Powermat’s induction charging system facilitates that beautifully. I’ve tested it with review units of the Samsung Fascinate and the Samsung Mesmerize using the cube charger and their universal charging kit, and it worked great! I didn’t have specific receivers for those units, however, so it’s not much different from having to search for that pesky wall charger.


I did have a receiver for my HTC EVO 4G, however, and while I’m sure it would’ve worked great, my charging port is busted and I couldn’t demonstrate it for you guys. Why not just give the receiver away, as well? I can’t use it! So whoever wins today’s giveaway will be doubly equipped for a seamless induction charging experience if they just so happen to own an HTC EVO 4G. [Note]: Winner’s items will be brand new in the box. I have an extra Powermat set that I used to take the photos. And yes, I know the single charging unit wasn’t plugged up. It’s for show!


And there’s even more. Rob’s currently experiencing jet lag as he’s back on the plane headed for Palo Alto, California for tomorrow’s Facebook Mobile event. In the event that he walks away from Facebook’s humble abode with any goodies, those will be included in the giveaway! All the more reason to stick to tomorrow morning (10:30 AM PST, 1:30 PM EST) for our coverage of whatever it is Facebook’s got in store for the mobile world.


We’ll also be hooking up today’s random winner with our current collection of Phandroid Gear: a Phandroid Bag, Phandroid Pens, Phandroid Stadium Cup, and some Phandroid Mints to keep your bot breath on the low. Future giveaways will feature our T-Shirts which we’re still working on (and Phandroid LIVE attendees can still expect to receive).


Today’s winner is guaranteed a lot of awesome stuff, and it doesn’t take much at all to enter. Glance over this very short list of things you need to do:

  • Provide a valid e-mail address with your comment
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Live in the United States (sorry, I gotta ship this stuff myself)
  • Submit a comment by 11:59pm EDT on November 2nd, 2010

We’ll contact the randomly selected winner on November 3rd for their address and contact info.

Let the commenting begin!

We’ll be announcing last week’s winner shortly.

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