Walmart has a Couple T-Mobile Deals, LG Optimus T for Just $0.97



While it may not pack the same punch as other Android handsets, I’m betting that the LG Optimus Q does a lot more than most other 97 cent purchases. Walmart has the phone at that price for new and existing T-Mobile subscribers eligible for upgrades and new two-year contracts. But as the retail giant is in the business of rolling back prices, they didn’t stop there.

The rugged Motorola Defy is already reasonably priced at $99 through TMo, but if you go through Walmart the price halves itself to $48.88. At that price you could buy two in case the first gets broken, but we’d say don’t bother as the Defy seems pretty indestructible in the first place.

[via TmoNews]

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  1. gonna go get the defy as soon as available. nd First

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