ViewSonic ViewPad 7 and ViewPad 10 US Pricing and Availability Announced



While the Samsung Galaxy Tab is hogging up all of the spotlight, the Viewsonic ViewPad 7 comes as a second 7-inch option running Froyo, and its US pricing and availability was just announced. While a specific date remains unknown, the ViewPad 7 will be landing sometime during Q4 of this year at a price of $479.

Also announced was the ViewPad 10 for a Q1 2011 release at $629. As you might guess by the number, this is a 10-inch slate but it won’t feature Android 2.2. No, pretty far from it with Android 1.6. It makes up for what it lacks in Android with the ability to dual-boot Windows 7. A glance at the specs promises a good bit of power, to boot. Add these to the “will consider before dropping the cash for a Galaxy Tab” column.


Thousands of open-sourced apps available for 7” Android 2.2 3.5G capable ViewPad 7 and 10.1” dual-boot Win 7 and Android 1.6 ViewPad 10

WALNUT, Calif. – November 1, 2010 – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communications solutions, today announced its ViewPad line of Android-based devices, featuring the ViewPad 7 and ViewPad 10.

“Leveraging our 20-year display heritage, these new ViewPad solutions provide users with anytime anywhere connectivity,” said Jeff Volpe, vice president and general manager for ViewSonic Americas. “With access to the universe of Android apps, our new ViewPads are perfectly suited for enjoying digital entertainment and social media. Office productivity is also a snap with robust web browsing functionality.”

ViewPad 7 – The Android 2.2 ViewPad 7 combines a powerful processor with 3.5G capable data technology in a lightweight, pocket-sized 7” form factor. With an 800×480 WVGA LCD screen, this device is one of the only 7” tablet solutions with Android Google Mobile Services (GMS). As a result, consumers can connect to a selection of more than 100,000 apps and games along with Gmail, YouTube and more for a superior and convenient entertainment solution that fits today’s mobile lifestyle.

With its wireless 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth® connectivity the ViewPad 7 supports instant messaging, VoIP, and all the web browsing and USB connectivity functions of a capacitive multi-touch device. The ViewPad 7 features 2 built-in cameras: a 3-megapixel, auto focus camera in the rear and a 0.3 megapixel camera in the front. In addition to the integrated 512MB of memory, the ViewPad 7 offers up to an additional 32GB of storage capacity via the micro SD card slot, along with battery life of up to 10 hours. The result is the ultimate device for connected fun and multitasking – in a compact size easier to carry than a netbook and with better media performance than a smartphone.

The ViewPad 7 will be available in late Q4 2010 for an ESP of $479. Third-party accessories and ViewCare™ extended warranties will also be available at launch.

ViewPad 10 – Innovative and productive, this 10.1” dual-boot Wi-Fi device gives users a choice between Windows® 7 Home Premium and Google Android 1.6 within the same device. With a high performance, high speed Intel® Atom™ 1.66GHz processor, integrated 1GB of memory, 16GB SSD hard drive and expandable micro SD slot, the ViewPad 10 is ideally designed to view Flash-based content and Office programs with Windows, and for an optimized mobile entertainment experience with Android. Additionally, the 1024×600 LED backlit panel includes a G-sensor and capacitive multi-touch for intuitive navigation across multiple applications. Teamed with a 1.3-megapixel webcam with built-in microphone, the ViewPad 10 is great for videoconferencing as well.

The ViewPad 10 with dual-boot OS will be available in Q1 2011 for an ESP of $629. Third-party accessories and ViewCare™ extended warranties will be available at launch.

For further information on ViewSonic products, please visit or follow ViewSonic on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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  1. Donut, really?

  2. The 7″ of this – is this a diagonal measurement, a top to bottom measurement, I don’t quite know what they mean by 7″ For instance, how much bigger is this an a Droid X?

  3. and the 10 inch one doesn’t even have a cell antennae? are you kidding me? for the extra almost 200 dollars you get a much worse and older version of android, no wireless connectivity beyond wi-fi which means that you probably won’t get the market to boot! and then they add in win 7? wow i feel like the 7 inch model is well thought out, and the 10 inch was like their first draft when they first suspected an apple ipad was in development. jeez, no thank you on the 10 inch! unless they drastically overhaul it.

  4. all screen measurements are diagonal. the aspect ratio is what make that a tough question to answer, the droid x is a longer and thiner device than most cells, also, the 7 inches will be much larger than an X about 40% more screen.

  5. $479 for Wifi only, really?

  6. It is my understanding that the 7″ tablet will have Android 2.2. It’s the 10″ dual boot Windows 7/Android that will have Android 1.6.

    There is a 10″ ViewSonic tablet (ViewSonic G-Tablet) available NOW from Sears that is all Android running Android 2.2; but it does not have the Android Market. This 10″ tablet has a Terga2 processor. Here’s a 15min video posted by a Sears employee who has purchased the G-Tablet.

  7. inches are diagonal. Assuming the same aspect ratio then twice the diagonal is 4 times the screen. It would be like 2 screens wide x 2 screens tall.

  8. Why shouldn’t the market work on a wifi only device? I thought that was part of the idea behind changing the licensing model for apps. All that would say is they didn’t want to pay the extra to license the Market.

  9. I don’t know where they are getting pricing information from but the Viewsonic 10 is preorder on for 379.99 which is a much better deal than the Galaxy tab.

  10. The Sears website also list this as android 2.2 they could be a misprint but hey that what it says. Heres the link to the item.

  11. An android 1.6 and Windows tablet, no thanks.

    I’m pretty underwhelmed by Android tablets so far, hopefully next year will be the year of the Android Tablet.

  12. I would love a tablet that boots Win7 and Android Froyo-and-beyond. That alone would be worth it to me but for now it’s just promising news. As fast as these things are popping up I will likely wait until next year when I can get something that could conceivably replace my laptop. That is something that none of these can do yet and I’m not carrying around a 4.3″ phone, a 7-10″ tablet, and a 15-17″ notebook. Just not gonna happen as long as my budget is limited and so much functionality is duplicated.

  13. If only the 7 inch didnt have a crappy 600mhz processor… seems so outdated now

  14. Yeah… that is what’s holding me back… funny that their press release didn’t mention the 600 mHz processor forthe 7″er…

    Everything else looks GREAT… may overclocking could get it to what?

  15. @brian in addition to the sears page saying 2.2 it’s also saying the release date is today 11/02/10, but the button on the site still says pre-order item. I wonder if 2.2 and the release date they list correct.

  16. This is already out! I personally researched the whole thing! Its out in sears stores.

  17. The Sears tablet is the G Tablet NOT the Viewpad 10… It does run 2.2 instead of 1.6 Android but it doesnt have double boot option of Windows 7.. youtube has a few folks who bought it and didnt really like it despite the beefy internals they mentioned it lagged, possibly because of the software loaded on it, it also doesnt have Android Market access… Search for ViewSonic G Tablet on youtube…

  18. The 10 in G tab Seems like it has all the right specs to be a drop-in replacement for netbooks…except this is just way cooler. Would be nice if the 10’s had 3G though for on the go data access.

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