Samsung Continuum, Motorola Citrus Launching on Verizon November 11th?


More Verizon leaks, ahoy! This time, the Samsung Continuum breaks cover yet again pending an official announcement from Verizon or Samsung. Still, PhoneArena presents more evidence stating that it – along with the already-unveiled Motorola Citrus – will be launching November 11th (and Verizon’s no stranger to that date up against rumors regarding other devices.) So We can expect two decent-looking mid-range offerings leading into the second half of this month. Will any of you bite?


[via PhoneArena]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Are mid ranged smart devices worth getting? Sure they are good looking but since the price is low, doesn’t the performance suffer from it? And a smart phone with out power is a laggy phone. I would understand if technology has been able to put good cpu in these devices for a low price, but that’s not the case as of now.

  2. Here’s what I need from phandroid and others when I see a phone mentioned. I need display resolution and size, and also I really need to know the onboard storage (read: number of apps installable without mucking around), RAM (read: indicator of performance), and CPU (read: also performance). I’d also like to know if there are any CPUs which have better or worse performance per clock speed than others (analogous to, e.g., P4 being terrible perf/clock versus to Core2 being fantastic perf/clock).

  3. I mean, I know you put this into your database as quick as you can. Buuuttt, I’ve noticed some serious confusion on the RAM/builtin-storage front. Straighten that up. And also a line up of common CPUs, like I mentioned, would be a cool article.

  4. @ Bryan
    Cant you read the sheet where it clearly says the processor that it has in it(continium atleast)

  5. What are the radio frequencies on the Citrus. Google returns different websites all claiming various specs.

    Does the AT&T version support UMTS 850?


  6. Ermm nevermind, i thought there is a AT&T version of it.

    The motorola SPICE is only for europe?

  7. @Shinobi;

    The Citrus looks pretty cool if all you’re going to do is;

    1. Listen to Pandora at random times

    2. Use the GPS lightly

    3. Add people on Facebook when you meet them

    It’s for the not so social, social person.

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