[Update: BOGO] Droid 2 Price Drops to $150 to make way for Global


Oh, Droid 2. We hardly knew ye. You were only on the market for two and a half months before a better model came along and stole all of your glory. And now your value’s being depreciated to $50 less than what you originally debuted at.


Let’s try that again without trying to sound dramatic: the Droid 2 – as we know it – has seen a price drop. If you’re not interested in world roaming capabilities and you thought $200 was too much to pay for an upgrade to the successor to the original Droid, now’s your chance to get the phone for $150. The Droid 2 Global will be $200 for those of you wandering about the Earth beyond the United States, so hold on to your change as we should be seeing it fly into stores very soon.

[Update]: And now they’re running a buy one, get one free promotion. Nothing new, but considering the circumstances, I doubt coincidence had much to do with it. Get to Droiding!

[Update 2]: And the Incredible’s price is slashed to $150, as well. Either the price cuts are unrelated to forthcoming goods, or the Incredible might also need to make room for a certain other, bigger, more “Incredible” phone. (We’re speaking about the HD, if you haven’t caught on by now.)

[via Verizon]

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  1. Are they still looking at a 11/11 roll out?

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