T-Mobile myTouch 4G and HTC Desire HD Compared in Benchmark Tests



If you are looking for a blazing fast Android handset you might need to look no further than the upcoming T-Mobile myTouch 4G. The phone was put through the benchmark paces and compared against none other than the HTC Desire HD, a phone using the same 1GHz Snapdragon processor along with 768MB of RAM. In a slightly surprising turn, the myTouch came out on top by a comfortable margin in tests run with Quadrant.

The HTC Desire HD scores a 1,666 and topped out over most other Android 2.2 devices, but when pitted against the myTouch and its score of 1,846 the winner was obvious. Both devices provide ample power for the speed-hungry Android mod community. Benchmarks aside, which phone wins your heart?

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. myTouch 4G

  2. i have run the quadrant test multiple times since i got my phone a week ago. never once has my Desire HD dropped below 1800, in fact, it averages 1860 and topped out at 2078 without being overclocked, or even temp rooted at that point. therefore i must call your results inaccurate


  3. I much prefer the DHD, but sadly we dont’ get it here in the states :\

  4. sorry, that was the wrong tweet, this is the one for 2078

    the one i posted was 2017 just there was

    (i rebooted between tests)

  5. I don’t think you can go wrong with either one of these phones. I’m wondering if I should have waited to check out the myTouch 4G but I love my G2 and the last three benchmarks I ran were 1698, 1631, and 1674. Hopefully the G2 will be one of the first to get Gingerbread since it’s practically stock Android.

  6. “In a slightly surprising turn, the myTouch came out on top by a comfortable margin in tests run with Quadrant.”

    Not surprising to me at all. I love HTC’s Sense, but it does slow things down.

  7. I like the specs of the MyTouch 4G, but i Hate the UI. Can you root this and put Stock Android?

  8. I’m sure root will come soon enough, but I just plan to stick ADW on it to take care of the aesthetics and use those handy Sense widgets.

  9. what’s it hit on linpac etc…?

  10. here is 2086 without overclock
    and 2333 overclocked to 1.2ghz

  11. Ive just run it on my desire HD. 1947 was the score…

  12. The myTouch 4G and the Desire HD literally use the same processor so the variance in their scores here was probably just a fluke. I’ve heard that the myTouch 4G has the same read-only deal as the G2 so don’t expect it to be rooted right away unless the G2 gets cracked by then.

  13. Quadrant is a horrible benchmark for comparing phones. It calculates a score for every part of the phone and then just adds them. That means a shitty 100Mhz phone with 10MB of RAM, no GPU and an incredible internal storage would beat every single high end phone.

  14. i will give a linpack score as soon as the market works

  15. Desire HD, stock, never dropped below 2000 http://plixi.com/p/53323762

  16. Linpack DHD
    45.876 Megaflops
    0.12 seconds
    3.36 res
    2.220446049250313e-16 (dunno if that varies on other phones, been a long time since i did a linpack on my old g1)

  17. how do u benchmark ur phone?


  19. @Richard Sprint does not have 4G either so shut up. to be 4G you must be able to make calls and surf the web at same time guess what Sprint cant do that neither can Verizon yet T-mo and AT&T can and HSPA+ is faster then Sprints 4G 10Mpbs Sprint to 21Mpbs T-Mo so sorry I consistently get 3-5 on my Vibrant which isnt a HSPA+ phone and some of my coworkers with EVOs and Epics get around the same speed.

  20. Sprint 4G? You where duped lol you meant clearwire right? At least T-Mobile owns there HSPA+ network and its pretty damn fast.

  21. Sorry to break it to you but the Mytouch 4G is made by HTC, just like the G2, EVO and Epics. The whole Mytouch series from t-mobile is made by HTC

  22. people u need to go out more let me tell

  23. No carrier will be offering 4G. The qualifications of 4G says you need to have Data and Voice together, and offer an overall throughput of WELL over what Verizon’s LTE or Sprint’s WiMax or T-Mobile’s HSPA+ Networks can do.

    The carriers (and the entire world) are calling these 4G mainly because of “Fourth Generation” instead of the actual specifications of the standards of what 4G is.

    TMobile and Spring is like 3.5G
    Verizon is the closest to like 3.8G

    You certain qualifications for 4G according to the standard. And no carrier has met these yet.

  24. 4G is only a loose term meant to describe the 4th generation of wireless networks. According to the UN ITU 4G is supposed to offer 1 gb/s stationary and 100 mb/s mobile access. Obviously, neither of the current deployments offer those speeds. Those speeds can only be accomplished with Wimax2 and LTE-Advanced. No carrier can deploy these networks because the equipment for those speeds is currently only testing. 4G will also move away from circuit switched+packet switched networks and be packet switched only. Sprint owns the spectrum and spun it off as joint venture with Clearwire to form Clear, which Sprint owns quite a bit of, so to say Clearwire owns the network isn’t accurate, Sprint owns it as well. I don’t how it’s branded or marketed. Just give me speed. I don’t care how you provide it or which tech you use. Data is as generic a service/product as you can describe. Faster is better in this case. I could careless what they call it as long as it’s faster than what I had before, I’m fine.

  25. Lets give the power crap a break, we arent offered adequate battery for it anyway. What we need is to catch up to that damned Iphone and its shockingly crisp 960×640 display, if any of you havent seen it in person, do your self a favor (or dont because after you see it youre going to be completely humbled no matter which Android youre holding, trust me i know, im holding a Nexus, a G2, and a Vibrant). There is something like 100 Androids out there and exactly 0 of them has higher than 800×480 (some are a mite higher but its negligible). I cant imagine needing guts any more capable than those inside the Vibrant, we need display quality. The Vibrant is Android’s best display and next to the I4 the Vibrant is like a drawing by a mentally challenged toddler. So lets go Samsung, kick it up a notch!!! or maybe a thousand notches!!!!!

  26. Rich, relax. Display isn’t even a quarter of the battle. One thing Apple does really well is sell its products. What they did is give you a phone thats practically identical to the last one, stuff in a few features that other phones have had for some time, a FFC that other phones have had and a great display to be the selling point. It’s no more powerful, and isnt more powerful than the Vibrant. The last selling point they really have for a new device is 4G. In the mean time, expect dual-core Android devices to drop within the next year or two and then will you look at it and say, prettier display or multiple things that makes Android Devices better? Oh and btw, it’s not that much better than S-AMOLED.

  27. P-Richard, have a lotta shortcomings, do you? You & Rich must be related & should own an ifoney, since you’re about that intelligent. Sprint’s false advertising has worked & you’re of the few idiots that bought into the bs-congratulations for being an idiot & posting here, lamo-LMAO! 4G is a future concept that no carrier has-how many times does that have to be repeated?!? But for the learning impaired, HSPA+ FTW!!!

  28. @Richard…you need much help. I wouldnt have the time or place or qualifications to shrink you in the way it needs to be done. Nor would any shrinks I know.

    @Rich….a much subtler sp? approach of comparing phones. You simply dwindled the competition down to display. Well you can do that, however you forget the first part of the competition if you make this about the iphone 4…which it is not…and that is raw guts. The Vibrant or any Galaxy phone does have the power, as does the G2, and now definitely the myTouch to compete or beat that. And given the fact that there are more reviews than NOT that say they’d prefer a larger screen at 4″, not the 4.3, a lot feel thats too big (hint Richard), to the smaller slightly higher resolution.

    I have seen both and there is NOT that big of a deal.

    It truly does come down to preference.

    Go ahead get excited about what you want. I bought and sold my phone after 5 months because thats what I like to do.

    We should base our likes of the phones off what we want. Not what someone else tells us we should want.

  29. @ 19 20 and 21. Thank you for posting real facts. There is no 4g. Period. No one can come close to the download speeds required for 4g and there are other standards that hasn’t been met yet but speed is probably what most people care about

  30. Why do we nerds even refer to “G”s anyway. Could we just refer to cap speed? I don’t care if it’s 4G, if I can download something really quickly it could be 1X for all I care. HSPA+’s cap speed is twice that of my home broadband connection, so I envy it. I don’t care if it’s 3G, 4G, -17G, or 6593786G.

  31. @Richard and anybody else who feels like sprint is the “4G” king.
    Find a G2 and an Evo and compare the speeds. From installing apps, multitasking, Internet, etc. The Evo and it’s “4G” aren’t even in the same class speed wise as the G2. I too view the Evo as the pound for pound Android champ right now, but the G2 is blazing fast and smokes the Evo. And this isn’t info I got from some article or a commercial. This is from having both phones in my hands.

  32. What’s the big deal anyway I get 1700 g2 stock around 1650 on average. So yes the my touch is faster but not sure you’d notive in real use

  33. Yawn, wait a few more weeks and they will be coming out with dual core 1.2Ghz snapdragon based phones which will blow these away.

  34. Vibrant gets 3000+, go Vibrant :/

  35. It really cracks me up how paranoid people are about the iPhone. They are so scared to admit that it’s a good device… why? I have a Droid X, and I’m not scared to admit that the iPhone is a great device, I just so happen to like my DX better than it, but I still give it it’s due respect. How do I know it’s a great device? Because it’s used as the benchmark against which Android devices are measured. Last time I checked most people like to measure themselves against the best, not the worst.

    When you thougtht you were a big shot at playing baseball you compared yourself to the guy who held all the school records, right? You didn’t run around telling everyone, “hey man I hit more home runs this season than that retarded kid in the wheelchair did”… that’s how you know when a phone really is crap, when it never gets mentioned.

    When was the last time you heard someone say, “man my Android phone is even better than a PalmTreo”??? So for those of you who like to put down the iPhone… it’s fine that you like your device better than the Apple, I like mine better too. But it’s senseless going on and on about how shitty it is. Because if it really was that shitty, you wouldn’t bother comparing your phone against it. Unless you really are the kind of person who likes to boast about how much better you are than the retarded kid in the wheelchair.

  36. @Outlaw
    Good post. I always look at it as an Apples and Oranges (with Android being oranges I guess) situation. A lot of people, especially people that have very limited technical ability, want iPhones because although they are not super exciting (no widgets, limited multitasking, no custom ROMs etc) they will work without the user having to put any thought or effort into it. Android phones have the potential to be much more powerful but they require some basic technical knowledge…not super geek stuff but enough to know when your phone is running slowly that the 57 widgets on their home screen could be slowing it down.

  37. STILL waiting for the dual-core, 4.?-inch, 5-row keyboard phone. STILL holding onto my G1. Argh!

  38. 1800 huh, nice, blows my EVO’s 1200 outta the water, lol

  39. I think when the Epic gets good functioning Android 2.2 when it comes everything about the phone overall, I don’t think any phone will be able to compete because of keyboard, 4″ super amoled, ffc, “4g”, hummingbird, and alot of other little things, the Epic already blows alot of 2.2 phones away and its only 2.1 so the upgrade will definitely boost enough to make it the best imo.

  40. But then of course when the Desire HD has been overclocked to 1.4GHz.. you then get a score of 2532.

  41. Does the myTouch 4G still have the second-class display resolution of its predecessors? If so, it has a less than half the pixels to throw around as the HD. If this is the case, the HD looks like the clear winner.

  42. Guys, lets stop the iPhone bashing. It is a nice device yet I now see that Android phones are taking over. The new MyTouch 4G is an amazing little unit. I will keep my iPod touch for working out, at work (letter carrier) because the music player and audio book playing is unmatched in simplicity and syncing with iTunes. Just enjoy what u have because in 4 months it will be old news anyway :)

  43. Tried installing sipdroid voip+voice calling on mytouch4g as mentioned in


    However I am unable to access the menu part of sipdroid post installation to enter the sip credentials. I am therefore unable to sync GV with sipgate one. Can anyone help?


  44. Love my mytouch 4g, and now my wife wants one. I didn’t get it for 4g service, but for the front-facing camera, so wifey & I can videochat each other. It’s the first android phone i’ve owned, but I love it.

  45. lets not forget the mytouch 3G slide is still a great phone, its like the F15 fighter jet, dependable and fast without the hang-ups of the new cells. but the G2 is a awesome phone.

  46. Part of my job as a project manager for a hedge fund in Chicago is to test and research all devices and providers available at any given time. With that said and for lack of a better phrase I’m a total phone whore (pardon the term). I’ve tested and worked with each of “the big 4” (and some of the small ones too) both corporately and personally so I’ve tested and owned the iPhone, Evo, G2, My Touch 3g and 4g (just got it). I liked the Samsung Nexus S but since it doesn’t support HSPA+ it’s limited right away and would choose the my touch 4G although I would have gone Samsung on this otherwise as I prefer the stripped down and unlocked freedom the Samsung’s Nexus S provides. It’s about time manufacturer’s start shipping phones unlocked and not loaded down with preloaded garbage. Anyway, it’s all moot when dual-core phones get here soon, but that’s beside the point. My opinion after using these providers and these phones at this current point in time (Jan 2011) is that the fastest and most available networks are Sprint and Verizon. Verizon has the fastest and best domestic (US) coverage but sucks because they’re the only provider that you still can’t download data while simultaneously having a voice conversation which is worthless to a train and telecommuter like me plus they have no coverage if you travel abroad and therefore aren’t really part of the big four because of it in my opinion. You have to be global to be “big”, sorry Verizon. When I used the EVO on Sprint I found them to have superior coverage over AT&T and T-Mobile and there 4G screams! Over tha last year my primary GW at home is through my phone via tethered hotspot and wireless router doubling as a bridge so since I stream all home content like Netflix and other video over my phone, performance differences over their networks are obvious to me. I like the G2 performance (to big though although I got this for my dad as his first android phone from blackberry for the slide qwerty as he transitions to touch screen) and the touch 4G as far as phone performance but the T-Mobile HSPA+ network (not 4g BTW) is so much slower when I download content at home that I think the true performance of the phone is limited by HSPA+ to truly maximize its capabilities compared to what I experienced with Evo on Sprint. As far as AT&T and iphone I think the provider is as dated as their device as loyalty is, just as blackberries use to be. People want to be free and the unlocked android phones market of the future are so not what iphone and AT&T want. Yes the iphone is a great device (still 2007 technology despite new bells and whistles and I hate iTunes antiquated model and my Nano and two other iPods are so lame these days…I have a real job and DJing isn’t it, say hello to streaming already people) but just like my android my touch 4g (I owned the 3g too) it doesn’t do me any real good on a slow network. In a perfect world I would have the domestic coverage of Verizon (for those in rural areas) but where I could talk and download at breakneck speeds as a hybrid between Sprint and Verizon and I’d have a dual-core (soon) android phone running my primary home GW on true 4G. I currently don’t have any form of cable TV or data coming into my home as I use my cell phone for everything (soon to be my PC too as the future is here, – laptop running linux). If I had to choose after using all these phones I’d pick the EVO since the other phones might be superior but that does me no good if T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T can’t provide what I want…. In other words Verizon SPEED with BOTH voice and data simultaneously in OTHER countries. Despite the loss in cost, I’m going to send back my touch 4g back to T-Mobile although I like the phone itself and wait for a dual-core android phone I can use on Sprint. Until then I’ll have to figure out what I’m going to do for a primary GW.

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