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OnStar has finally released their MyLink application for Android. The app will allow you to control your OnStar-equipped car and check different vitals – such as fuel, oil, and the like – from your phone. Currently, only 2011 models of select Cadillac, Chevy, Buick, and GMC automobiles are compatible so if you have any of these cars you’ll want to download this companion app. It’s a sad day when no longer do I want the app because of the car, but rather I want the car because of the app. Well played, OnStar.


[via Droid-Life]

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  1. Oh the prank potential to be had with this. After all, it won’t be like a keyfob remote where you have to be within a certain distance of the vehicle you’re controlling. ;P

  2. the app isn’t all that its cracked up to be, atleast not yet, the remote commands take a minute to a few minutes before the vehicle responds, and remote start will only allow you to restart the vehicle twice per engine cycle (for those that want to turn on the vehicle again after the 10 minute remote start ends). The info in the app is nice but integration with navigation is nonexistent, which it should be there since the majority of the vehicles that it supports all have the turn by turn nav feature

  3. I wish I had a car built in 2011 :(

  4. Has OnStar said anything about this being available on earlier models? I mean, those of us with ’09s pay renewal fees for a reason. ;)

  5. It will be available in 2011 on “select” 2010 models according to the onstar site.

  6. @Chad, if you go to there facebook page theres a ton of complaints about it not working on older vehicles so they posted a response saying “due to the high demand to work on older vehicles we are scrambling to make it compatible, stay tuned”

  7. Doesn’t seem to be true, or it’s taking longer than thought. It’s January 7th now and still no 2010 announcement.

  8. I’ve downloaded the Onstar Mylink app to my Android phone succesfully. I am initially able to put in my username and password. After that I get an error message, and can not connect. Do I need to adjust one of the settings on my phone? The phone is a Sanyo Kyocera Zio from Cricket. Has anyone else had the same issue?

  9. I just got a new Equinox and DL’d the mylink. Personally I think its great. The 2 times starting is built into the car computer and not the phone app. You can start the car 2 times and it will run for 10 min and then shut off. I do have a short lag time, about 20-40 seconds. That is not long if you’ve locked your keys in the car. I hope they get it set up for 2010 cars soon.

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