Motorola Droid 2 Discontinued at Best Buy, D2 Global Cometh



The Motorola Droid 2 Global is just weeks away, and it’s just about fact now that once it hits shelves you can expect the standard Droid 2 to be a thing of the past. Making moves in that direction, Best Buy has begun to pull its stock of D2 handsets to prepare for the Global version and its 1.2GHz processor. The phone has been flagged in BB inventory as “Discontinued,” so bring on those world-ready radios.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Rather short life span, eh? So how’s that going to impact future upgrades in OS?

  2. Well this short life span is the reason why I never buy a moto again :/

  3. Will this be only be on Verizon?

  4. Discontinued does not mean its not supported, they want to be ahead in the game by bringing more powerful phones. No point in supporting multiple models with same form factor but much more powerful functions, brain etc.

  5. this is really stupid. You know its going to be 199. So basically people who already bought one have slower phones that are usable in fewer countries for the same price. Way to go moto/big red.

  6. why are people complaining that verzion is EXPANDING and IMPROVING their product line? is there anything you wont complain about? when the uneducated start to follow blogs and news outlets that means i have to find another one. way to go, idiots!

  7. To the person above, lets consider the people who have the Droid 2 who now have the short end of the stick – something that is inferior, that has only been out for a short while, and because of that, may only have been sold in limited amounts. This may have troubling implications when Motorola chooses what to upgrade to the latest Android.

  8. Cool mobils
    Way to go moto/big red

  9. @Chris; my sentiments exactly. As for the world phone version, moto did announce the “world edition D2” (which I am sure wasn’t an actual deal breaker for most people) very shortly after launch. I’m sure 90%+ of the people who complained about “world roaming capability” likely rarely leave their own state much less run of to Gstaad every weekend. HOWEVER, releasing a new D2 with “world roaming” AND a factory overclocked 1.2GHz processor was seriously an asshole move which makes me wonder about update timelines for each phone. At the very least, a patch should be released for the original D2 to bring it up to speed with its very slightly younger twin brother. (Save the “root it and overclock it” posts; we already know, guys). It wouldn’t be difficult to issue a patch to bring it up to 1.2GHz. The chipset will definitely and onviously handle it. I still laugh when I think about the grossly underclocked D1s-550MHz…please. mine runs cool smooth and stable at 1200MHz, and no, it doesn’t run the battery out rapidly. Come on, Moto, get with the program(no pun intended)

  10. To everyone who has the original D2… why are you complaining? Heck Moto just did you guys a huge favor, you all now have very exclusive ‘limited edition’ merchandise. Not me, I have the same Droid X that a couple million other people have. Stop crying about this and go out and sell your ‘hard to find’ phones on ebay for five time what you bought them for… your welcome!


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