Peter Dille: PSP Could Use a Cellular Data Connection


Well if this rumor doesn’t get more legs as each day passes us by. It wasn’t but a couple of days ago that the supposed PSP Phone’s prototype was leaked for all to see, and now Peter Dille – speaking with at a fireside chat – believes that iPhone gamers aren’t satisfied. With that belief, he says the PSP could use a cellular data radio so users can enjoy internet gaming without the need to find a WiFi connection.


Dille refers to iPhone games as “time-killers,” something I bet he’d hope to remedy with their offering (that he isn’t confirming or denying, of course.) Instead, mobile games should be experiences more than something to get you through boring patches of the day. That’s exactly what a PSP provides, and that’s exactly what a PSP Phone might be able to do.

A spokeswoman from Sony also stated that they have “relationships with Google,” but they could just be talking about their new Google TV products. Or are they? We’re not buying the idea that a PSP phone doesn’t exist, of course. There are mountains of evidence pointing toward just that, and Android looks to be the horse pulling the carriage along. The fact that they have yet to outright deny the existence of this device should automatically raise a few flags. E3 couldn’t get here soon enough.

[via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Awesome hopefully the finished product will look better.

  2. I’m wondering how is the batter experience going to be…

    – Android = So far, not so good
    – PSP = so-so

    Android + PSP = gg.

  3. battery*

  4. Doesnt the OHA dictate that a max of 1500 mAh can be used for the phone batteries? I heard that a while back but could be wrong.

    This surely would destroy the idea of this phone…

  5. I’d carry around a couple batteries for something like this if 1500 really were some kind of mobile phone limit…

  6. I thought the extebde battery for the x is 1800

  7. Seems like the Rooting issue with Android would scare Sony since piracy is major issue with PSP and gaming in general.

    What would be cool is if they created a “bluetooth gamepad” that would allow you to run the games on any high power Android phone. Since Sony makes their money on software and less on hardware (although I guess in this case they don’t have to loose as much/any since the carrier would be subsidizing the cost).

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