Napster Update Brings Offline Playback


Napster just inched a step closer toward its roots as they’ve announced that the latest update will allow you to play your playlists when you’re away from an internet connection. The app also queues the next few songs in the playlist ahead of time to avoid stuttering while buffering, a problem others suffer with in other apps.


I was never into streaming music, but Napster’s developments on this latest version would win me over if I ever did desire such a service.

Michael Robinette:

Android is a great platform that has spawned a wide variety of incredible devices, and we’ve done a lot of work to make sure Napster works on any device powered by it. New phones and new updates to Android are released often, and we are committed to making Napster available on all of them.

We will continue to update our mobile apps as we hear your feedback. Version 1.0 is already a really great way to listen to music on the go, but we never stop. We have some exciting features planned for the future, so stay tuned.

You can find the latest version in the Android market now by searching for “Napster,” or by touching or scanning the QR code below.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. *cough* Spotify *cough*

  2. Woah, Napster is still around?

  3. …. as a subscription based service that bastardizes the Napster name which is purchased to use, yes. Blame Roxio for that… even if Best Buy did just recently buy Napster from them…

  4. $10/month and you don’t even own the songs.. NO THANKS!!! how about use pandora/slacker if i want to stream some songs and simply download those I want to keep from OTHER places..

  5. i can’t wait until Google launches their music service..

    And i hope it allows you to upload all the music you already have and allow you to play it on any device connected the the net… And of course allow you to BUY songs if you so choose…

  6. @Daniel
    Yeah they went from ripping off the music industry to ripping off the subscribers, pretty good change there huh.

  7. With 500 songs in my playlist that I am constantly adding to…
    Rhapsody for 2 years = $240
    iTunes = $500+
    Pirating = Sorry, I’m not an d-bag
    Rhapsody = 3 portable devices & 3 computers access same library
    iTunes = Gotta pay mSpot to do that on top of $500
    Pirating = Still not an d-bag
    Rental services have there drawbacks and they’re not for everyone, but they have benefits too.

  8. effin’ use of proper articles…

  9. $96 a year for on demand music that I can also play offline? Thats not bad. I don’t have to carry any music on my SD card. You can ave full albums and large playlists for offline. It’s pretty nice.

  10. I’m a Naspter on the go subscriber and I also have a HTC Desire phone so I keep looking for the Napster app on the market but I can’t find it. Is it only available in the US? (I’m in the UK).

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