Motorola Posts First Growing Quarter Since 2006


Still have doubts that Motorola’s ship hasn’t turned around yet? They’ve released their third quarter results, today, and it was noted that Motorola has enjoyed its first growth quarter since Q4 of 2006. Double digit growth in revenue – 13% – saw them raking in $4.9 billion and profiting $109 million. This is compared to net profits of $12 million the same quarter in 2009 – just before the Droid was announced.


Specifically for their mobile devices unit, it was responsible for $2.0 billion in revenue, up 20% from the same quarter last year.. Of the 9.1 million handsets that were shipped, 3.8 million of those ran Android. They proudly note that they met their goal of introducing 20 Android handsets in 2010, that number now at 22. GAAP operating losses were only $43 million compared to $216 million a year ago, and non-GAAP operations saw earnings of $3 million compared to a loss of $183 million.

Motorola’s been heading in the right direction for a while, now, and this quarter only proves that their strategy is one to imitate if you need to right an expensive wrong. With an onslaught of new devices headed our way this holiday season – ranging from 1GHz powerhouses aimed at the business sector to quirky texting and social devices – we don’t expect them to slow down.

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. first

  2. But on a serious note Motorolas phones have sucked for a long time!! especially the Razr lol but they are definitely headed in the right direction with the whole Droid line of phones and the Defy

  3. @Fly Like a G2 – if you don’t have anything interesting or relevent to say, please say nothing.

    In my opinion, Motorola’s only hope for survival in the Mobile phone business is Android. Their handsets prior to the Droid/Milestone were cumbersome and slow and filled with software glitches. The original Motorola OS was painful to use. It’s about time they’ve started doing something useful with their hardware :)

  4. Nokia? You listening?

  5. I love their hardware droid wise, I just dont like the added fluff… motoblur and other things just make the phone’s glitchy. I think that if they went with a simpler like sense or hell stock android, it would increase the popularity of their phones ten fold. I do agree that their old phones were terrible but I think their new phones and designs are very inovative, the droid pro is a great upgrade from a blackberry and an awsome way to target businessmen, the defy is very cool, myself being a paramedic-firefighter and avid outdoor enthusiast makes this phone very attractive and I wish they would make the gorilla glass and added shock pads standard on their devices, the Droid X (minus the new bugs) was a powerhouse and pretty daring IMO to release a 4.3″ screen, but has been excepted well. All in all I think the only thing holding them back is software and their “need” to alter something that already functions so well. Android is good stock, DONT MOTOBLUR IT and I will be a customer for certain, until I can root the phone and do what I want, with my phone I will never buy a motorola product.

  6. motorola cant use sense ui because its proprietary htc ui

  7. maybe they could use some of that profit TO SUPPORT PHONES OUTSIDE THE US!!!!!! ahem, if they treat us not States folk like this those profits won’t last forever….

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