Latest Galaxy S Overclock to 1.6 GHz (Vibrant) Sees FPS Unlock Achieving 78.0, Breaks 3K on Quadrant


Those developers are ridiculously good! While we’ve been skeptical of overclocks thanks to recent hoaxes by Team DeFuse, we believe this new breakthrough in development for the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones is the real deal. Team Whiskey have apparently achieved a stable overclock of 1.6 GHz. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve also been able to uncap the FPS lock.

Quadrant NeoFPS CPU

This is backed up by benchmarks, thankfully, which show the Galaxy S (Samsung Vibrant, to be specific) achieve an FPS rate of 78 frames per second – well past the 55-60 that most of us would otherwise be satisfied with. The device was also put through Quadrant and managed to achieve a whopping 3083, completely obliterating the performance of any consumer device to come before it.

“The 3k+ Quad was achieved by using the OCLF 2.2, with Deadline CPU Scheduler, and Hardcore CPU tweaks. Tonight I will be implementing a EXT 4 conversion, so OCLF wont be needed anymore.”

The team states that this is only the first phase of the kernel. They’ll be adding more mods and tweaks as well as continue to push the Hummingbird processor inside the Vibrant well past its limit. I don’t know about you non-Galaxy S users, but it’s making me want to go out and get one. For those who already have one, you have a lot to look forward to soon. (The team’s committing to releases for every version of the phone save for the Fascinate on Verizon. They can’t promise anything for Fascinate owners until they can get a Fascinate of their own to work on.)

They state they’ll have a release candidate available before too long, so be sure to bookmark their forums (or keep an eye on the Vibrant development forums at XDA) to follow development once they’re ready to release it.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. :) Thanks Quentyn
    Ugh, I need to get home from work already so I can get back to work on this. Gonna be another late night with Team Whiskey.

  2. Now all these G2 people can see what power is really about.

  3. Please make a kernel for the Fascinate!!!LOL, I had a extra fascinate with bad esn a week ago that I could have donated to the team, but sold it on fleabay. DOH

  4. It’s time for us to realize that, just like in the PC benchmarking world, synthetic benchmarks are only relevant for RELATIVE performance indication on a SINGLE device model. This score means NOTHING in regards to the speed of the device relative to competing devices.

  5. Momm,
    Don’t be a hater. I get to hear from Krylon360 every time he busts his phone ;)

    They put a lot of work into this, congrats guys!

  6. finally showing what the Galaxy S should have done from the gate..

    I’m planning on buy the Galaxy S for Cellular South so it’s disappointing that they’re not working on the fascinate..

  7. Taking the cap off the FPS is great alone!!!And this isn’t just another benchmark. The Fascinate is the smoothest Android phone out right now in terms of speed and this just makes it better. Just wait till the 2.2 benchmarks come out with JIT enabled with this kernel.. I bet there will be all kinds of haters on this one!! LOl

  8. With this plethora of overclocking stories we’ve been seeing lately, it seems pretty clear that they build these mobile processors with quite a bit of headroom…

  9. This is amazing,finally the galaxy S line can show its true potential.

  10. Momm, this isn’t a fake, Heck, I’ll even do a video tonight when I get home, the quality might not be to good, due to it’ll be recorded from a webcam, though, I can probably use my roommate’s droid to record the video.
    As for ports, I’ll grab all of the sources tonight, along with all of the initramfs’s and we will start compiling them.
    But as of right now, this is just for the Vibrant.

  11. Hooray! The galaxy S is finally tearing apart the competition.


  13. Opps! Team Whiskey I mean!!

  14. Krylon,

    What kind of drain does this have on the battery?

  15. I’m really glad I held out for the Vibrant. I am currently running their Bionix fusion ROM with Jack’s OC/UV Kernel at 1.2 ghz and my phone flies. All of my other friends with Captivates and Vibrants are definitely jealous. Especially with the front facing camera as well. This will definitely be another stab at em lol. Keep it up Team Whiskey. You guys rock!!!

  16. @ Terrell

    How do you have a FFC on a Vibrant?

  17. Now I have a reason to root my vibrant. can Anyone direct me to a step by step link how to? email is [email protected]

  18. 200 more mhz and you’ll be on par with the specs of a net book

  19. @elijahblake

    Its a Hardware mod you can do for the Vibrant.

  20. but I’m happy with my Moment… :-(

  21. The ad in the first screen shot makes me LOL

  22. @jmercil

    i thought I had seen some steps for that somewhere, so I’m guessing you def have to run a cooked ROM to take advantage of that..

    So wouldn’t it be the same for the fascinate, mesmerize, and showcase?

  23. @elijahblake
    Not sure what needs to be changed for it…Search it.


  24. I’m more impressed with the the FPS unlock. Thats sick….

  25. @elijahblake I’m currently testing battery drain, however I wont go into details on it just yet. We will need to do some tweaks to it, that’s for sure.

  26. @krylon
    looks like you guys are doing some great work.. Good job!!!

  27. I just wish that when the vibrant and the rest of galaxy s came out it got more support, hummingbird and that amazing screen?! give me a break. though all the development going on is really awesome though! thanks for all the hard work unlocking what I consider the best android phone’s potential

  28. @Bill
    No one is happy with a Moment.

  29. This actually already is on par with a netbook..most netbooks on the market ate clocked at 1.6ghz

  30. http://board.teamwhiskey.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=53

    Thats the direct link for you, Were in alpha stage currently to be honest, but were working to get something released tonight. Attached there is a linpack also,

  31. Cant wait til team whiskey makes a super inclusive rom as there final end-all build. Im completely content with there 1.9…but would love to see a much broader all-in-one rom! =0)

  32. Wow….yet another useless Quadrant benchmark. Did you guys learn nothing from Cyanogen? He showed months ago how worthless these benchmarks really are.

  33. Here is your proof that these benchmarks mean nothing. This is from a Nexus.


  34. @DroidDev Hence, why I gave more benchmarks then a damn Quad score.
    Seems all the haters come out to play AFTER the achievement has been made.

  35. @paris a netbook doesn’t run a smartphone CPU/GPU. A 1.6G Hz Atom, as weak as it is relative to other laptop CPU’s, would still crush this. Just saying.

  36. Dont get me wrong, the devs are doing great work on this device, but the real story here is the FPS….not the overclock/benchmark scores.

  37. I like how you are getting PORN ads on your quadrant report

  38. why does everyone use quadrant standard and not quadrant advanced i would like to see the break down and what the cpu does for the score

  39. @elijahblake, The battery drain isn’t bad at all. In fact, the battery life is amazing. On par with Bionix 1.4.

  40. @Momm, this is DEFINITELY not a fake. You will soon be eating your words. ;)

  41. “but it’s making me want to go out and get one. ”

    Trust me, resist that urge. You would regret it unless you got it for free. Then it would only be aggravating but you could throw it in the river like I want to do without taking a fiscal hit.

  42. Now if the hacks at(cough) “Team Whiskey” could make a stable ROM MOD at ANY clock……….

  43. So does the lag go away at 1.6? I waited patiently for the “fix” and my old G1 is still smoother than the Vibrant. And less force closes as well. I was a sucker for super amoled and should have known better. Vibrant is a terrible phone.

  44. “Trust me, resist that urge. You would regret it unless you got it for free. Then it would only be aggravating but you could throw it in the river like I want to do without taking a fiscal hit.”

    Oh please. There are a plethora of great ROMs out there for the Vibrant. Not sure about yours, but my Vibrant *flies* (and yes, GPS works great, battery life is great). The only thing that beats it in terms of responsiveness and speed is a G2.

    “Now if the hacks at(cough) “Team Whiskey” could make a stable ROM MOD at ANY clock……….”

    WTF does that mean? Is it douchebag night here? I’m on Bionix Fusion 1.1 at 1.2Ghz with Voodoo. Totally stable, never a freeze or reboot or stutter.

  45. fucking lawls. i love haters. its fun to cry on blogs. OH MY DAMN YOU GUYS ARE LYING! NO FUCKING WAY YOUR PHONE IS BETTER THAN MINE! Sorry but this is what happens when you have TALENTED motherfuckers putting there heads together to create shit for their phones.

    As for a FFC, search XDA. Shits all over it.

  46. what lag? i have yet to have a lag issue on my non-rooted vibrant :)

  47. Kevin, what hacks? They have already released a couple stable and very smooth ROMs.

  48. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=821514

    Proof of concept posted, RC0 Kernel available for download. Its still a work in progress.

  49. mind=blown. I knew what I was getting when I got the hummingbird…the most future proof GPU in existence, the only one I’d have a prayer of being satisfied with 12 months after it’s inclusion in the device I was ready to purchase. Add to it SAMOLED and it’s heavenly.

  50. glad to see this. im currently running Fusion 1.0 on my Vibrant w Jac’s kernel at 1.2ghz and its VERY fast, smooth, and stable…

    cant wait to try the 1.6 ghz. I would also be great to get some sort of RFS file system replacement built in without having to jump though hoops (i have larger NAND so cant use Voodoo)

  51. Proud Epic owner here, who would like to extend my sincere gratitude to you Miss Kennemer, for providing me with the greatest news EVER regarding my android. I’m currently running Baked Snackv1.3 ROM, which is the greatest, and insanely fast, but now I can only imagine wtf this means for my phone! =) Presently she is OC’ed at 1.3ghz and is scoring Linpacks of 10.5+ but if everything what you have reported is true, she is in for one hell of an upgrade! Thanks again FYI!

  52. ..excuse me..

    …can i do these to my galaxy s gt i9000.. Or this is only for vibrant.?

    …thank u for your kind consideration..

  53. What about the euro version?

  54. Captivate owner, reporting in. Please to have port, kthxbai.

  55. I completely agree with chris and Kevin. Vibrant is a fucking terrible phone. With all the potential in the world, this apple falls way the fuck away from the tree. I will NEVER buy another Samsung phone again. My G1 was WAY smoother. I’ve never been so pissed with a fucking phone before. It doesn’t do ANYTHING how it’s supposed to. They should have named this phone “Force Close” instead of Vibrant.

  56. My vibrant has no problems and runs smoother than butter

  57. I’ve gotten deep into these remarkable phones Samsung is releasing and there is no doubt they far outrank every single phone out there in so many ways! I think samsung is going to dominate the phone market in 2011. in 2011 samsung will introduce phones with break resistant super amoled screens and the powerful Orion processors which only samsung haters will try to resist.

  58. Can your phone even break 60 FPS! ^_^

  59. If you have so many problems with your vibrant;, warranty is pretty good just go to TMo and exchange it. I use mine for testing a lot, added a FFC, keep on changing roms and kernels, have to odin at least once a week changing kernels and lagfixes, and I don’t see any FC…..
    Maybe you tried to unistall TW or something and you didn’t know how to do it……….
    This is a GREAT Phone!

  60. Im not hatin’ on you guys at all or anything. This is awesome and all, but they ought to be working on a phone that actually NEEDS a processor upgrade, like the…. Uhhhhhhh…. LG ALLY! it’s processor is terrible, bahaha!

  61. @smc29

    “Far outrank every other phone in so many ways”
    I wouldnt go that far. These are some great developments happening, the Galaxy S line has some good specs and features.. but lets not forget what other things these phones do and compared to other phones the Galaxy S line has cons that turned ppl away, some even after using the phone.
    For most, they have to root and run custom ROMs to be satisfied with their Galaxy S phone. Other folks….whatever phone they got they are satisfied with their phone stock…
    Dominate the phone market in 2011? They sold 2 million Galaxy S phones in the US….and yet Motorola passed them for top phone manufacture recently. Right now Motorola only has the X and Droid 2…and the Droid 2 didnt sell too well. Maybe the R2D2 did…
    Samsung has to first release phones that ppl are satisfied with stock for them to dominate the phone market…

  62. i would still like to see what your cpu score was after this overclock,just the cpu

  63. Galaxy S phones rule and Epic 4G is the king.

  64. Do a video then we will believe.

  65. Its pretty sad some people here wanna cry and use something they read on a forum that made them laugh. “They should call it force close” Find me an Android that has never done that. This is a newer OS that has the most aggressive development of any OS. Some people still wallow around in that crap?

    I have a G1 w/ Partial 2.2 and there is no way you can compare that to my Vibrant. Period. My only real beef with the Vibrant is missing a track pad and the TW seems to limit some roms I’d like to see put on it ( and function without limitations,) by means of lacking hardware buttons.

    I didn’t toss a ffc on as that is just an accessory that realistically we are 5 years away from that even being a normally used function. The picture quality kicks absolute ass and all the devs out there have done a damn good job toying around with roms.


  66. Hey, guys!! You really should make this work for the I9000B (the brazilian version) which comes with digital TV!

    Amazing! But battery should lasts 2 hours! Haha! Samsung must develop a more powerful battery for these devices and make it available for buying apart from the phones, so we could upgrade ours.

    Well, but it’s not a really big problem. It’s just profile it and it should be ok.

    SetCPU must have a profile for fullscreen applications, so we could overclock it automatically when playing games.

    Go go, guys! Make history on the gadgets universe!

  67. IS it out yet ?
    If it is out can someone give me the link to download it please.
    Thanks !

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