HTC Desire HD Gets Its First OTA Update


HTC Desire HD_Front+Back+Left

The HTC Desire HD hasn’t been out for the better part of a month, but as seems to be a regular occurrence with new Android handset releases, a new over-the-air firmware update is being sent out to correct early bugs and provide general enhancements that went overlooked before public release. This fairly large update will bring your software to version number 1.32.405.13 and includes “screen control and photo message compatibility enhancements” among other things. It does not, however, improve general photo quality.

If you want to force the update on your Desire HD, you can try the “Settings > About Phone > Check for Updates” trick to force a download. Be warned that the file is pretty big and you will most likely want to handle the update over Wi-Fi.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. will the desire ever get the new sense….someone?

  2. Better Android 2.3 not the new sense

  3. It’s 1.32.405.3, not 1.32.405.13

  4. My t-mobile UK phone says there are no updates and it is not the newer version….
    suppose we have to wait for t-mobile to do there stuff?

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