Would-Be CherryPad Owners Left Wondering ‘Where Is My Tablet?’



When CherryPal unveiled their low-cost yet potentially not half bad CherryPad for the cost of $188 back in September, you can imagine quite a few people jumped in on the pre-order with the promise their new tablet would ship out right around October 15th. Fast forward to the last week of October and those who bought in are left with unfulfilled orders. One would-be owner is reporting he didn’t even receive a tracking number until October 20th, and that number was dubious at best. Apparently he wasn’t alone.

The group handling the online sales of the CherryPad, Zecozi, sent out an email to customers today in a bit of a move to save face. They wanted to make it clear that while they handled the money, they are not responsible for shipping out the new tablets. That duty falls squarely on Cherrypal, a company that doesn’t seem to be delivering.

One of two things could be going on here: Cherrypal just scammed a bunch of people out of a quick $188, or the company is incredibly poor at public relations, demand for the tablet was higher than expected, and production delays are responsible for the lack of shipments. Not sure which one is more likely. Anyone out there order and recieve (or not receive) the CherryPad?

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  1. I see tumble weeds blowing through. Like anyone would ever admit to buying that crap.

  2. If it’s ‘budget’ item I will only buy at a store or a good online retailer…

  3. A cherrypad just sounds gross

  4. CherryPal has a history of this exact behavior (do a search for them).

  5. Its a scam

  6. From the Better Business Bureau website regarding Cherrypal:

    Company Rating F
    Our opinion of what this rating means:
    We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s industry is known for its fraudulent business practices.

  7. I received mine. Sorry everyone else. It is not a scam. Got it on the 25th, 3 days later than promised. The tablet is weak and needs some Froyo.

  8. I’ve read on several sites now, that CherryPal is a total scam. Everyone has all said they never get what they ordered. In fact, they said they’re lucky to even get email replied.

  9. That’s why I didn’t buy a JooJoo, and if I buy either that or a Notion Ink Adam, I’m going to be waiting until it’s available at Best Buy or NewEgg. Maybe Amazon or J&R.

  10. Honestly…I dont feel bad for anyone buying this crap! This is no different that the White Van Speaker Scam. Greed if your enemy here…and you cheap SOBs deserve it for buying on impulse and not researching!

  11. I got mine on the 25th also. I didn’t get a tracking number until 23rd. It does have android market access. Some issues with updating Google Maps app. Their delivery is slow.

  12. The tablets have been received by some folks posting on the Cherrypad forum…

    It’s not a scam… they just had some problems getting the first shipment from China…

    Apparently, they can be ordered now and ship in 2-3 days from California.

  13. My tracking number showed up a couple days ago but had no information attached to it. Then I checked again yesterday and it said the package was in New York. So I guess it will show up by the end of the week.

  14. I received in Italy in 8 days.

  15. I don’t have any experience with Cherrypal, but you should all realize this issue is not isolated to them. There are also other companies that deal with product delays on tablets coming from China.

    Check out and look at their new rocktab forum to see what I mean. Their original ship date for those who ordered was early October. It’s now posted for November 15th.

    This appears to be part of the trade off for having an inexpensive option from another country.

    Steven Skwarkowski – is it necessary to insult people here? There are alot of people who don’t have tons of disposable income in the current economy who still want or need things. Calling someone cheap is just mean. Try and learn to be a nice human being.

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