Nimbuzz Pulls Skype Support Effective October 31st



Looks like this Halloween the folks at Nimbuzz are giving us a trick rather than a treat. OK, that’s not fair. It would actually be the folks at Skype providing us with the trick, as they continued their mandate to remove their VoIP and messaging services from all third party applications with the request that Nimbuzz pull their Skype integration.

We saw this first with the he-said-she-said match between Fring and Skype. Now it looks like no VoIP app is safe from losing touch with Skype.

The move may only serve to alienate current Skype users who enjoy the ability to access the service along with all of their other messaging accounts as Skype attempts to carve out a definitive space in the mobile world. I don’t see Skype suffering too much from their choice, but those that are used to having all of their messages and contacts in the same might need to start investigating other options.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. Skype is really pissing away their VOIP lead with all this exclusive nonsense. They should have gone wide-open on Android, all carriers, free with ad-support.

    Once Google drops VOIP into GVoice it’s game over for anyone protecting the status quo.

  2. Good. Fuck em. As soon as Google adds video chat to their Android and in-browser Google Talk/Gmail chat there won’t be a ton of need for Skype anyway.

  3. does anyone know of any alternatives? i went from fring to nimbuzz.. where do we go from here?!

  4. Google have already added Video-chat to Browser GTalk/Gmail. What they need to do is put it in the desktop client version. Then we’re onto a winner..

  5. Rozza C: Wait…you can use your phone to video chat with Gmail? I have not seen this yet and it is the main thing I am looking for. Not all of my friends have iPhones or Android phones or front cams or whatever but almost all of them have Gmail and I use the browser-to-browser video chat all the time. I would love to be able to video call my girlfriend from my phone and have it pop up in her Gmail browser tab the way it does when I call from my laptop.

  6. with Gingerbread brining us Google voice & video calling over WiFi and 3G I only hope Skype chokes in it’s own greediness. Because of this nonsense more people will turn to Android platform.

    I strongly feel if Skype remains exclusive with Verizon that’s a big risk of keeping it’s “eggs in one basket”. I am sure even Verizon users will choose Google Voice over Skype. I mean, unless you’re an Apple user who rather prefers spending money on products by a monopolists company. Fu*() SKYPE and it’s BS :)

  7. totally agree, i used to really like skype for its video calling but now i have fring giving me android to iphone video chats and that skype still doesnt work on galaxy s. Then Tango comes on board, all we need now is for one of the good little people to bring a desktop version beit gmail, fring, tango etc, one thing for sure, skype is alienating its user base and its life is limited.

  8. Hope that Google will beat the sh** out of Skype once they release GoogleVoice worldwide :)

    i thought there is a official skype release on android market? but with super battery drain and no-support for galaxy s users so far.

    still waiting for GVoice ^^v

  9. Skype is already open in Android, although WiFi only, and it is probably working on something like google voice or the verizon deal.

  10. Skype could lose a lot of customers with this, even with Facebook integration. They’re playing right into Google’s hands. I’ve used Fring and Nimbuzz in the past, but moved to FooCall now they’ve got an Android app.

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