Oct 26th, 2010

PopCap’s long pledged to bring their mobile offerings to the Android market, but as of today, their commitments have still gone unfilled. After letting loose news that they’d already launched Bejeweled for Windows Phone 7 – which has no phones on the market to date – they apparently received a lot of flack from their Android-using fans.


In response, PopCap’s issued the following tweet:

“Android users – we are working on some games for your platform! promise!”

That’s awesome, except we’ve been waiting since late 2009. At least as far back as my knowledge of them committing to Android-based games goes, it will have been one full year come this November since they made their first “promise.” It’s not to sound sour and put them down, but it’s quite frustrating as an Android user to see them ignore the platform’s recent successes.

If they don’t start treating Android with a sense of urgency, EA and other publishers will likely be glad to dominate a market where users are just begging for quality games from high profile developers.

And for the sake of everyone’s sanity and to save yourself from further embarrassment, would you at least take down your Android page until you have something to put up on there? It’s quite maddening.

[via EuroDroid]