Frostwire for Android Market Available Today for Free, $4.99


Back in June, we learned Frostwire would be bringing an Android app to the market as they’d entered alpha testing. We got a pretty good look at it back then, but we haven’t kept up with ongoing developments since. Before, it was said that this app would only allow peer-to-peer file transfers between people on the same WiFi network.


But according to the changelog today, Frostwire looks to provide a much larger scope than that. Take a look at this list of features they’re touting for the app’s first release.

– Search & download files on millions of devices
– Browse & download files from your closest peers
– Share files on Social Networks
– Explore, rename and use your own files
– P2P Chat room
– Send private messages w/attachments
– Control what you share
– Auto-updates

Unfortunately, 3G transfers are not allowed. You can find it in the Android market right now for $4.99, but if you would like to get it from their site instead, it can be had for free. (Download Link) Quite odd, but I’m not complaining. If you want to lend a helping hand to their cause, then I guess the Android market should be your first stop. You can find it there by scanning or touching the QR code below.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I guess they figured charging everyone for a pirate app would just be hypocritical lol.

  2. Seems kind of fishy. tried it but the search takes forever. also, it seems like the app wants to run in the background and asks if I want to “minimize” it. No, I want to close it? Anyone else using this?

  3. i guess they ask to minimize for you could keep sharing the files on your phone

  4. pretty much worthless without 3G rather just use it on the computer

  5. It’s not free I just checked

  6. Never mind I just got it

  7. The free download is like a lite version kinda cuz we don’t get more updates. Not completely sure. Correct me if im wrong

  8. One of the most confusing headlines ever

  9. Be careful. The standard setting is to auto-share ALL of your files, in ALL folders. Yes, that DOES include those nude pics you took from your gf last night as well as that top secret legal draft pdf file. So be careful.

  10. @1. Our logic behind Free + Paid is in our blog.

    @2. We ask if you want to minimize since during tests a lot of people complained about ending up on the desktop by mistake. Basically lots of new android users get lost using the back button, that popup is there to avoid an unpleasant experience. If you want to close the app, hit Menu > Exit. That’ll close every thread, every connection and shutdown.

    @2. Search is actually one of the fastest things in the app since you can get lots of phones answering to your searches in parallel, maybe what you were looking for was not being shared by anyone, or your connectivity wasn’t the best (Wi-Fi signal strength, UPnP port forwarding, firewall configuration, etc.)

    @4. 3G is too slow and carriers won’t like you doing p2p, maybe when 4G is thriving we’ll enable filesharing through the carrier. For now we see lots of users using the app all day in their offices, schools and homes no problem. Maybe for a person that’s very mobile it doesn’t make much sense.

    @7. The free download is exactly the same version that exists on the android market. It’s just a matter of choice or not being lazy to get the app on our site, or from a friend. The packages have the same exact signature, otherwise nobody would be able to get the updates and be able to install them.

  11. Heh…We will see how this plays out. Got the free DL already. Ill give it a few more days before I possibly infect my phone with this thing

  12. It tryed charging me for it in the market but I just got it free apk :)

  13. looking for nude pictures of all you Girlfriends now ;) JK

  14. Sorry, the post was written early in the morning. And I didn’t have my McDonalds’ roasted coffee. =/

  15. @Garet

    Crap… Menu > Exit

  16. Iv been on the beta team and its come a long way lol. Sucks its only 3g.

  17. McDonald’s roasted coffee is the best!

  18. McDonalds coffee Sucks!!!! lol

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