Samsung USA is Giving Away Galaxy Tabs Galore



Those announced carrier prices got you feeling a little down about the Samsung Galaxy Tab? While it’s true that the pricing is most likely fair and we should all stop complaining, Samsung Mobile USA is giving us one last opportunity to turn our noses up at the cost of owning a new Galaxy Tab. Seven lucky winners will receive a Galaxy Tab on the carrier of their choice.

To enter, you need only become a follower of @SamsungMobileUS, tweet the answer to the posted question, and end it all with the #WINGALAXYTAB hashtag. Pretty simple. The contest runs from today at noon central time through November 8th.

Kevin Krause
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  1. woot…first…. I’ll take one

  2. same here…can’t beat free.

  3. We should get the choice of picking the WiFi only version…

  4. I’m too cheap to buy it…but I want it. Always appreciate a free android device! I’m going to play the lotto tonight for good measure ;)

  5. Eh, seems all the contests are going to the twits.

  6. If you win, I presume you have to buy a data plan for the device.

  7. They can keep it if they are gonna force me to sign an agreement with a carrier in order to pick one up. Otherwise, I’m bout to start a Twitter account.

  8. This actually gives me a reason to create a twitter account!! If I don’t win it, I’m still going to buy it…

  9. No Twitter for me. No social site membership. I mean the big names. Not anti social, just don’t feel it.

  10. Just accept, it is what it is..The next thought is..I hope the line isn’t to long to get one.

  11. Yeah don’t want to be in a contract or anything for it, would like to win it though.

  12. i hope those who are attempting this know that you’ll have to sign a contract with the carrier and pay monthly.. there’s almost always a catch

  13. Boo requiring Twitter.

  14. @PeDe7 You’re right. It’s a trap everybody, it’s a trap…!

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