Powermat Charging System Now Available for the Motorola Droid X



You know what the world could use less of? Cables. So the people at Powermat, being good citizens, have released their wireless charging system for the Motorola Droid X to help cut down on the mess of wires trailing across our desks. If you already own a Powermat charging station you can pick up Battery Door for the X for $39.99. If you need the whole system it will set you back $59.99.

From the looks of it the Battery Door doesn’t add much to the Droid X’s footprint, which is a good thing. Any Powermat fans out there looking to pick this up for their Droid?

[thanks to Tylor for the pic!]

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  1. Heyy i sent this in! no credit haha

  2. Pardon my lack of understanding, but what is the “nub” on the side?? Can i still use the case on my X?

  3. Its a piece that connects your usb port to the back of your new battery door cover.

  4. Andy I kept wondering the same thing. Now I get it. The real question is does the back of the powermat use a standard USB interface? I want to be able to pop the sucker in my arm rest of my car so I can’t just drop my phone in and bam, charging in effect without dealing with wires etc.

  5. Also does the Droid X powermat door add any thickness to the phone?

  6. it looks as if it does. The back has to actually come a little past where the normal door ends. If you notice your usb port is a little further down than your batter door so it has to be raised enough to reach that

  7. Now they just need to make one for the EVO and I might buy the product.

  8. There are some better photos of the DX Powermat adapter on the manufacturer’s site.

  9. The door itself doesn’t look like it adds much thickness, if any. However, that nub on the side is a deal-breaker for me.

  10. Gotta agree, the nub is not a good solution. the nub won’t work with cases and will snag on pockets and bags. Leading to the tumbling of Dx’s onto the floor. I’ll wait for them to put out a case or battery door solution.

  11. How much seepage occurs with the powermat, does anyone know? I’m not keen on being less green just to eliminate a cord to my phone at charge time.

  12. I called today. Powermat says it should work with some cases. The little nub on the side plugs into the charging/micro USB port. That area is cut out on most cases anyway.

  13. make one for the Sammy vibrant and ill care.

  14. Powermat is good about keeping seepage to next to nothing. They are quite green and have smart chips in them to ensure that they don’t overcharge your battery. Plus, the environmental impact from seepage can easily be offset by breathing less.

  15. The little nub wouldn’t bother me so much if it didn’t protrude out from the device making it the Droid X even wider than it already is. But more importantly, how do they release a product where the main component, the battery enclosure, does not easily snap into place? I simply cannot get it to close. It’s just a terrible design and they are going to get burned with all the returns.

  16. Will the battery door work if I have the extended battery in my Droid X?

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